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This week's star - Whitney, the owner of 502 Little Shop of Hairdo's from Kentucky!
1 week after Whitney got certified with Hairlaya Hand-tied Online course, she got her first client by listing Hairlaya hand-tied consultation service to her salon offering.
Client Look Before & After
Hairlay hand-tied before after
What's the hair goal of your client when they go for Hand-tied extension?  
W: A fuller & voluminous look.
What's the hair usage to achieve this look?
W: To achieve this look I installed three rows of Full - Pack of #613 Blonde Hand-Tied, Double Drawn wefts. 
Were your client satisfied with Hairlaya’s hair?
W: My client was shocked at how comfortable they felt and the transition from her natural hair into the wefts was flawless!!
What’s your review about Hairlaya Hand-tied course?
W: The course was very informative and I felt the hair installation process was much better than another brand I was initially trained with. The hair is so soft and beautiful. Easy to layer different shades to blend perfectly with the natural hair. 
How to book an appointment with Whitney for Hairlaya Extension service?
Whitney is a very experienced expert on hair extensitons, she is very confident for serving her client with best quatily of Hairlaya hand-tied extenstions. Do not hesitant to make appointment with Whitney if you are seeking for a fuller & voluminous look
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