Maintenance And Troubleshooting For Hybrid Weft Hair Extensions


Are you interested in hybrid weft hair extensions? Hybrid wefts are more than just a new craze; they are here to stay, and for a good reason! Today we are going to go over common maintenance and troubleshooting tips and questions so you can get the most out of hybrid extensions! 

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1. Can hybrid wefts be cut?

Yes! One of the special things about hybrid wefts differentiating them from hand-tied wefts is they can be cut without unraveling. This is important as it opens up a new range of options allowing you to get the exact style, length, and look you want. Hybrid wefts are extremely versatile and empowering, so you no longer have to settle for good enough; you can get what you deserve. 

2. What Installation method does hybrid weft use? 

The installation process of hybrid wefts uses unique because, on the one hand, it is very similar to hand-tied wefts utilizing the invisible beaded method and the naturally beaded method. On the other hand, however, unlike hand-tied wefts, hybrid wefts utilize a unique adhesive to machine bind the hair so it can be cut without unraveling. All in all, the process is designed for maximum quality and longevity. 

3. What are the benefits of hybrid wefts compared to hand-tied wefts? 

Bot hybrid and hand-tied extensions are great options; however, hybrid wefts are newer and build off the foundation hand-tied wefts provided. This means there are a few key benefits, like the ability to be cut without unraveling. This ability promotes versatility and longevity so wearers can receive the exact look they want. 

4. What are the cons of hybrid wefts compared to hand-tied wefts 

Hybrid wefts are newer than hand-tied wefts, which means they have not been as thoroughly tested and utilized. However, they have proven themselves extremely well in the time they have existed. Another potential con is hybrid wefts use an adhesive to bond the hair, whereas hand-tied wefts do not. This means avoiding high temperatures (140 & up) because the glue may melt.  

5. Can I treat hybrid wefts like my own hair? 

Yes, you can treat hybrid wefts like your own hair, with the exception of high-heat treatment. The care and treatment of your hair and extensions should be relatively the same, as Hairlaya extensions are real hair. Just like with your own hair, extra precautions should be taken when undergoing rigorous activity, swimming, beach, and nature activities. 

6. Will hybrid wefts require extensive maintenance?  

Outside of routine care, hybrid wefts require professional maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Your stylist will ensure the wefts and your hair are in good condition and that there are no signs of excess wear or the wefts coming undone. Regular maintenance will prolong the longevity of your extensions so you can wear them for up to 2 years. 

7. What do I do if my hybrid wefts feel uncomfortable?  

Properly installed hybrid wefts should feel extremely comfortable. If your hybrid wefts feel uncomfortable or out of place, you should check with your stylist to see if any problems are going on. Ideally, you want to worth with a Hairlaya certified stylist as they have the most experience with hybrid wefts. 

8. Will hybrid wefts feel heavy?

No. Hybrid wefts are lightweight, and you should hardly notice them outside of all the new compliments. Hybrid wefts are designed to disperse and distribute the weight evenly, so they cause no stress or pressure to your natural hair. 

9. Will hybrid wefts damage my natural hair?

No hybrid wefts will not damage your natural hair. On the contrary, hybrid wefts may promote hair health. However, if you feel like extensions are damaging your hair, it is crucial to speak with an experienced stylist so you can determine if there are any problems. 

Have more Questions? Ask Your Stylist 

If you encounter any other problems or have further questions, it's best to reach out to your stylist or contact us directly. You can also find more information on our blog and social media accounts. 

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