Refresh Your Look With A Best Selling Hair Extension Color #60s


Are you looking for a beautiful blonde extension color? Maybe you want something classic but also modern? The #60s is a beautiful ash blonde renowned all around the world. This color has been and continues to be a fan favorite due to its versatility, extravagance, and uniqueness. 

Why Choose #60s?

There are many reasons to choose the #60s, from enhancing your hair, creating change and dimension, or looking downright incredible. The #60s is a unique blonde color for anyone looking to mix things up and start looking their best with extensions. 

#60S Icy Blonde Hand-Tied Wefts

Classic Look 

The #60s is a classic, timeless look that brings back memories, warm feelings, and awe. From movies to day-to-day life, the #60s color is known worldwide as a beautiful blonde, helping women stand out in style. This color has proven itself time and time again and is here to stay. 

Modern Feel 

Don't let classiness fool you; the #60s is still vibrant, trendy, and modern. Now you can enjoy a unique, stylish, and classy color suitable for all seasons and events. You can count on #60s to help you look your best, no matter your outfit or hairstyle. 

Add Dimension 

One of the most significant differences between great hair and spectacular hair is dimension. Dimension adds another element improving your aesthetic and bringing in compliments. By utilizing #60s hair extensions, you can add contrast and create layers to help your hair look the best. 

Versatile Color 

While some shades fit certain seasons, the #60s is excellent for all occasions. It doesn't matter if you enjoy the summer heat or stay inside and relax on a cold winter night. The #60s is never out of place and always looks great. In addition, #60s is an actual do-all color. 

Temporary But Long Lasting 

One of the best parts about extensions and extension colors is they are not permanent. They also do not damage your hair, so you must keep trying different styles. If you don't like a specific color, that's okay, and you can try again. However, if you are thrilled with the color, extensions (high quality and adequately installed) can last up to two years! Now you have nothing holding you back from experimenting with new colors. 

Suitable For Everyone 

While some colors seem to only go with certain people, the #60s is stunning on nearly everyone. The platinum ash blonde is bright and warm, suitable for various people. In addition, you don't have to worry about looking out of place or unnatural with the platinum ash blonde. 

Why Hair Extensions? 

Hair extensions are a safe, proven, and effective way to maximize your hair appeal and aesthetics. Hair extensions can improve the length and volume while adding dimension and contrast. Hair extensions like hybrid and hand-tied extensions are also seamless, comfortable, long-lasting, and stunning! 

Get Your #60s Hair Extensions Today! 

Hairlaya offers premier quality hair extensions you can count on. We go above and beyond to deliver world-class services and hair extensions. So take these extensions to a Certified Stylist near you and enjoy your newfound look. 

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