6 Tips For Preparing Your Clients' Hair Extension Fitting

How to make your clients satisfied with your hair extension service is not a relatively easy thing. Hair extension is quite an investment, and you need to have excellent preparation before you installing.
Today, let's walk through every tip to get you ready after a client comes to your salon for a hair extension installation and before you get into installing it.
No-fuss, no stress. Just follow this simple guide. This pre-installation preparatory routine makes you the most professional stylist that your clients love.

Get your client's hair ready before you start the whole process.

6 Tips for preparing your clients' hair extension fitting-clean & drying hair
Check the following points to know that your client's hair is ready
  1. clean
  2. flake-free
  3. dry to the touch
  4. tangle-free - key for keeping the hair manageable during the installation
  5. smooth instead of brittle
  6. For some types of extensions, the hair should be full, long, and sturdy - the hair has to be strong and healthy enough to bear the added weight of the extensions

Using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner

Before you start to install the extensions, wash your clients' hair with shampoo. It is essential for normal hair clarifying shampoo to make the hair clean and easier to work on. Otherwise, the hair will risk premature slippage, unnecessary breakage, or even shedding of the natural hair. If the hair is flaky, greasy, or generally unclean, the extension bond will not establish a sufficiently secure grip, and slippage will become more likely.
And apply conditioner from the mid-lengths and ends of the hair to detangle the hair to remain smooth and manageable. If the hair is tangled during installation or unusually brittle, the hair extension installation will cause breakage. If the hair is not strong or full enough to handle extensions, then the hair extension installation will cause shedding.

The client's hair should be properly dried.

Dry the hair thoroughly and naturally.

Make Sure the chair your client sits in is super comfortable for them.

The environment is suggested to be quiet and calming. The relaxed space will give your client a good rest and will be great for you to be focused when doing the installation.

A room that has proper lights

Sufficient lighting is important to get your job done refreshingly.

How long does a hair installation usually last

Allow for 4 hours for the best and no less than 3 hours so that you don't have to rush your client.

After you did with the installation

A critical factor in keeping clients is checking in with them. It's important they feel valued as clients, especially with the investment they have just made in their hair. Reaching out to see how they are doing will also help you assist them in the quality care of their extensions.
Give or sell your clients some aftercare products or accessories to go with their hair, whichever you feel suits the situation most.
When you finished, never let them leave without making the next appointment. Please get in the habit of earning your clients' commitment to the process and establishes expectations for ongoing services.
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