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6 Ways Hair Stylists Can Increase Salon Profits With These Add-On Services


As a hair stylist, it is essential to constantly be looking for valuable services that help increase profits and grow your business. At the same time, you want services that benefit your salon and your clients. Unfortunately, stylists forget many services, causing them to lose clients and profit. Today we will review ways to incorporate these services into your business for happier clients and better business. 

Best of all, these add-ons offer a great time to reward benefits. These will not cause stress and worry but will still provide significant benefits. We are always looking for ways to help salon owners and their clients, so read below to learn how you can grow your business with fantastic add-on services. 

6 Ways Hair Stylists Can Increase Salon Profits With These Add-On Services

1. Extension After Care Products 

One of the first and most accessible services you can incorporate is offering extension aftercare products. When someone gets a hair extension, they want it to look and stay good. It is much easier for your client if they can buy trusted and quality aftercare products directly from you. They can ask questions and learn, and you both enjoy a win-win. You can incorporate various aftercare products, including an extension brush, wide tooth comb, brush combo kit, and more. You want to ensure you only offer quality products you believe in to keep your clients hair looking spectacular. Aftercare products will also help your work look good as it keeps your client's hair looking as good as possible. 

2. Add On Extensions For Color 

Not everyone wants extensions for length and volume. Add-on extensions for color are rapidly growing in polarity as more and more women choose hair-friendly solutions. Many women like something fun, new, and exciting but don't want to risk damaging their natural hair. Add-on extensions are a great option whether they are simply looking for a few highlights or want to do a full hair transformation. Our hand-tied, hybrid, and tape-in extensions are great options for adding color while keeping your client's hair safe and sound. Ensure you inform your clients about all their complex coloring options and watch as your business grows with add-on extensions for color. 

3. Special Event And Rapid Extensions 

Some people need extensions, and they need them now. Special events can come at a moment's notice, or plans can change, causing some to need an extension. Many salons are unable to book emergency or time-sensitive extension jobs. Incorporating this service into your business is a great way to increase clients and revenue. You will also be the talk of the town when you provide last-minute extension services for a client's upcoming wedding or significant moment. You can charge a premium for these services as they are time-sensitive. Our tape-in or hybrid extensions are an excellent option for last-minute hair extensions. Last but not least, adding this service to your business is a great way to help clients get what they need when needed. 

4. Incorporate Treatment Services

Aftercare products can only go so far. Sometimes professional treatment is required for maximum hair health and beauty. Incorporating these services into your business is a great way to improve your client's hair while growing your business. These services can include deep conditioning, keratin treatments, scalp treatments, and more. So stop leaving money on the table and start giving your clients what they need with professional hair care treatments. 

5. Professional Styling Services For Special Moments 

There is a difference between everyday styling and once-in-a-lifetime styling. As such, you should offer separate services and price points. A great add-on for clients with extensions is special moments styling so you can make their grand day even better. Offering this service ensures your client receives extension-friendly styling that looks amazing. 

6. Selling Hair Tools 

Another great way to help your clients and increase business is by selling hair care tools. Women increasingly understand the importance of routinely looking after their hair, sometimes requiring hair care tools. Now you can offer them a quality product they will use to continue to optimize their hair. 

Grow Your Business Today 

Those are six easy add-ons every stylist can incorporate to grow their business. Incorporate one or blend them all, and which as business flies it. If you have any questions or any other ideas, feel free to leave a comment, connect on social media or reach out and ask. We love to help and learn, so don't be shy. In the meantime, start growing your business today with these six add-on services. 

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