A Complete Guide to Hair Extension Costs


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Hand-tied extensions are currently trending. Not only do they provide seamless results, but they are the most comfortable. There are many factors that affect why some hair extensions are more expensive than others. Investing in your hair is important, so let's look into what to consider when making a decision

Factors that affect hair extension costs

Weight & Length

The weight or volume of hair extensions is a significant factor that directly affects the price. Hair extensions are weighed by grams. The more grams you want, the more the hair will cost. Another factor is the length of the hair. The longer the hair, the more it will cost.

Hair quality depends on the type of hair you want. Hairlaya. the most comfortable hair extensions

Hair Quality

Hair quality depends on the type of hair you want, either human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair will always cost more than synthetic hair. Human hair can be dyed and styled just like your own hair because, well, it's real human hair. Synthetic hair is not real hair and you cannot apply high heat or dye the hair. These hair extensions have a higher quality to affect their cost. Try hand-tied extension on your own!

hair extensions have a more quality level from high to low quality to affect their cost. Hairlaya will give a better choice

Extensions Durability

Who doesn't love to have a long-lasting hair extensions? Human hair will likely always last longer than synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is less durable because the extensions are man-made fibers. Human hair extensions can last up to two years with proper care.

Human hair will always be longer-lasting than synthetic hair. Hairlaya will give you a new look

Hand-tied extensions grace your hair with enhanced beauty. It doubles your benefit and excitement if you get the best of hand-tied extensions from the perfect place. Excited to get the best extensions for you, Hairlaya offers you hand-tied extensions at a low price, but best in quality and durability on the market. 

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  • Great Information , thanks for explaining the difference.

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