A Good Extension Consultation Form Gets You Laser-Focused on Clients' Needs

Consultation forms are essential to hair extension stylists, saving time for the stylists and clients.
It helps you understand the expectations and worries of your clients and help you flag potential problems.
This hair extension consultation form comes in an adorable one-pager. Clients must complete this and provide consent by answering all below the following conditions, which may determine whether they are suitable for hair extensions or not.
This article is something you can use in good notes. You can print it out and have the clients take 3 mins to fill it out.

Basic Info

The first section is the primary client information.
Always tell your clients that you don't necessarily need their addresses, but for the first time coming, you want to get their address just because this helps you know better about their needs whether they live too far away? So you will be able to serve them better. It would be like a rundown. You can gather their numbers and emails together so that you will be able to send them to discount info, vouchers, or gifts if they allow it.
Has the client ever had hair extensions before? If yes, "why did you remove them?" This question is critical because you want to know if they have irritation problems if they have an oily or flaky scalp.
You will know if they have got hair extensions before and if they have experienced irritation, hair loss, or allergy, which helps you recommend the exemplary service for them.

Check List

The second section is to let you have a general idea of how to apply for their extensions. The area is a yes or no question form. These questions cover the most potential issues.
Do they have fine hair or suffer hair loss? Are they on some medication?
Do they swim or excise often? And you can take note just on the right side regarding how many times per week they exercise.
If they're allergic to anything? If they are allergic to the materials contained in the tape or the materials maintained in the metal on extension installation tools used. Because they touch their skin a bit, this is well all needed, so you know that you're not harming your client.

Consent List

This third section is a simple consent list. Under normal circumstances, there will be no refunds under any of the procedures provided after the initial installation payment is hundreds to thousands touch-up price that varies.
Ensure you both have the opportunity to ask questions about the procedure, the risk, and the hazards involved. Always ask your clients, "Hey, do you have any questions for me"?
In addition, you can ask for consent to have photos taken of the procedure and posted on the internet for promotional purposes if needed. Because if you take pictures of your clients and post them on your social networks page, you have to get their permission.

Take some notes at the back of the form.

You can use the backside blankness for notes that you want to take down. You can jot down follow-up notes, so that way, when they come back, you take out this piece of paper kind of see did the extensions last, how many do they have any irritation, and stuff like that.
Take a bit of note, like you got the hair color, the preferred extensions type, the thickness, the lengths, so that way for the next time when they decide to come that you know what thickness you use what installation method you used what style did you follow.
Sort then in alphabetical or chronological orders and remind yourself on the calendar regarding whether to ask them to come again for a move-up or removal. Then you take it from there as a reminder: this person came two weeks ago, and she got a thickness length and so on for your reminding.


Hairlaya talked about why consultation forms are needed in your business and spoke about the breakdown of this free consultation form for hair extensions installation we designed for you. A silver bullet to solve your problem.
If you want this printable document of this form, please send us an email "Asking for the Consultation Form " to contact@hairlaya.com . 
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