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2020 has presented salons with quite some challenges, yet the holiday season is what everyone looks forward to. On Black Friday, people are very motivated to spend their money and give themselves a treat, especially in such a hard year. 

So don't miss out on this great chance to expand your clientele. A survey by PWC revealed that just over 50% of consumers are interested in Black Friday, and either intend to buy or would consider doing so if the price is right. This rises to a massive 70% of under 25 year olds and 65% of 25-34 year olds – a key target audience for many salons. 

 Maintain old clients: loyalty is key

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. It's time to say thank you to the regular clients who supported you throughout the year. There are a few useful tips down below for your reference.

  • Look back through your client book for your most loyal and frequent clients, such as those who have turned up to appointments on time and who you have established a friendly rapport. Take the time to reward them with an exclusive Black Friday offer for an additional treatment during their next visit.
  • Black Friday is also a good time to entice old clientele who haven’t visited the salon or booked an appointment in a while. Use an engaging subject line for your email to target this specific audience and make it more personable.
  • Clients of 2 years or longer membership get a certain discount on certain products. Limited for the two weeks of November. (Two weeks or certain extended time helps ease the traffic so as to lower down the pressure on Black Friday)

Getting new clients

There’s plenty of opportunity waiting for your salon.With a little imagination and effort, we are sure you will get your slice of the shopping season revenue pie - expect a great sale after reading this (while others have not).

Below are some effective ideas to get new clients attention, for more detailed secret tricks, check out our blog 2020 Best Tips to Make Your Salon Crowded Every Day of the Year.

Make good use of social media

You can have a Black Friday’s intensive online marketing campaign targeting your local area and spread of words: reaching a larger audience locally by hiring some local influencer with a large local following (get listed by local deal-looking websites or influencers)

Fancy templates to use right away? Download free marketing budget and plan template to make holiday planning a breeze.(Professional insider only, register to get)

Free gifts 

Free gifts with a purchase over $100. You can give out a clip-in extension with any color your client choose if they purchase any hair extension product. Or give customers who spend $100 or more, 10% off their next purchase or service at your salon. 
Clients who buy gift cards could receive a free treatment or upgrade. Customers who purchase two or more products or items from your business can receive 20% off when they come between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. or certain other time of the day when it is not busy. You’ve got your salon filled with customers for the full day!

Expand your offering

Hair extensions are like golden gooses for many businesses, especially for this year, when people tend to frequent salon less with social distancing and quarantine going on. Hair extension services have become the most profitable for many businesses - One important reason that they have been staying above the water. Come and dive in to the deals! It is really popular with all groups, especially with the beauty-loving ladies.

Superb Service 

Surprise your clients with a superb service! One thing to keep in mind: you would want a large crowd since that makes your salon looks super popular and people outside would even like to come in and have some try-out.
But you do not want to have your clients waiting around and get agitated thinking they have been wasting time staying in the line. How to solve this problem? You can give them free hand treatment or some other treatment.
If the above strategies work out, you should get your appointment fully booked! Get prepared for the surge of clients during the upcoming holiday season busy time after you have sold out a lot of gift cards/ deals/ coupons to attract new clients.
Get organized and stock up! Need to grab the deals and stock up hair extension? Checkout insider exclusive Black Friday sale on Hairlaya.
Now’s the time to line up your holiday sales weekend activities and specials. Wish you wonderful and busy weeks coming up!
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