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Can You Reuse Hand-tied Extensions?


Hair extensions don't last forever. Once they start getting tangly and ratty, you know it's probably time to buy some new ones. However, before that, especially if you took terrific care of your hair extensions, your hand-tied extensions can be reused to continue to give you great hair. 

I want to reuse my hand-tied extension. Is it possible?

Yes! Maybe you want to take the extension off to give your natural hair and scalp some rest. But, on the other hand, perhaps you find the extension costs quite some to throw away after half a year or so simply. 

How many times on earth can you reuse it? The reusability is entirely up to the quality of the hand-tied extension. 

There are some so-called Remy hair extensions on the market available for purchase. Maybe you will find it tangles after using it just once or twice or gets matty once you have it washed. You can not reuse that. Otherwise, it will cause severe, if not disastrous, damage to your own natural hair.

  1. Cheap hair extensions you buy from Amazon. You can reuse it on rare chances. But it is more likely that it can only be reused once.
  2. Remy hair extensions of certain brands, if without cuticles, could last for 3 to 6 months. It can be reused within the time but not for any time longer than half a year.
  3. Good quality hand-tied extensions can be reused and reused many times if they are of outstanding quality. Hair extension with full cuticles can be used and reused for up to 2 years.

As you can see, just from the comprehensive aspects, you might be able to save some money by buying cheaper hair. But it could be that you have wasted the installation fee by damaging your hair and also get a headful of hair that you can not reuse. Once your hair is hurt, the damage is done and can not be recovered.

Therefore it is important to tell the quality of the hand-tied extensions. Read on to see how. 

Hairlaya cuticle hair

How to tell the quality of hand-tied extensions?

When you buy hair extensions, the following are very important and should take special notice of:


Check if the hair is with full cuticles. Cuticles are overlapping in layers, which form scales that strengthen and protect the hair shaft. A thick cuticle typically means that the vulnerable parts of your hair (the medulla and cortex) are better able to withstand damage. , giving the hair extension a natural and healthy shine. 

Cuticle human hair extensions, like Hairlaya hand-tied extensions, can last up to 2 years with proper care and maintenance. Human cuticle hair extensions can also be heated, styled, and colored, while non-cuticle is easier to break because of the already complicated processing.

Those bad quality or heavily processed hair extensions are rough and dull with cuticles on the hair melted, with scales either raised or stripped away. This kind of cuticle leaves the vulnerable core of the hair fiber exposed. Hairs that have damaged cuticles are also very tangly, as scales that typically point downwards have been raised to cause friction.

hair's cuticle

Hand-tied weaving technique

You'll want to use a larger hair weft for maximum volume but not have the weft looking obvious. Hairlaya triple-weave is here to rescue.

The wefts are hand-sewn, which creates a solid and thin weft compared to other application methods. In addition, they are flat, flexible, and lay close to the clients' scalp giving a more natural look without feeling bulky.

In comparison, machine weft extensions from other brands are hair sewn together by a machine. As a result, the wefts themselves are thicker and weigh more.


For hair extension with bad quality, after dying one time, it might not withstand any styling another time of dying. This is because the dying chemicals might have already damaged it.

You will need to go for the top-grade hair out of this concern. Quality hair extensions can be dyed and are very easy to get perfect coloring, despite the that the dye will hurt the hair since the hair extension can not be as alive as the natural hair on the head. Thus, you can dye the hair extension, but the deeper color can be dyed into lighter color, but the more golden color would be hard to change back into dark hair. 

Hairlayas hair extension is just like your own hair: very friendly to dying and styling. Hairlaya's hand-tied is the top-tier kind you can find. It can be reused for up to 2 years. We are super confident in our hair. And how the clients and stylists love our extensions. Therefore, we have a 6-month warranty on the hair. If you buy Hairlaya hand-tied extension, and (doubtful) the following issues with the quality happen: shedding, tangling, etc. As long as in compliance with Hairlaya after-care guide, we give you a full refund or replacement.

Find a professional and certified hairstylist around you.

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