Coloring Hairlaya Hand-Tied Extensions

We are all on the search for our perfect hair color! Luckily, with Hairlaya, it’s incredibly easy to choose and customize hair color to your liking. 

What colors do Hairlaya hand-tied extensions come in? 

Hairlaya hand-tied extensions come in 19 colors, from ashy blondes to warm, golden browns! 

Can you combine different colors with Hairlaya hand-tied extensions?

Yes! Your stylist can order your extensions in a base color and a highlight color. They will then layer them according to the look you want. This is an easy way to have highlights without additional coloring. 

How do you choose the color you need from Hairlaya?

Hairlaya has a color ring you can borrow or buy! The color ring has all 19 of our shades for you and your stylist to look over and study before picking your perfect color. You can borrow the color ring for $15 for a week or buy it for $40. 

Can you bleach your hair with Hairlaya hand-tied extensions installed?

Hairlaya’s hand-tied extensions are 100% Remy human hair. Because of this, we do not recommend bleaching or any chemical process being done to the extensions. This will damage them and reduce their lifetime! 

If I can’t bleach my roots, how do stylists cover roots with Hairlaya hand-tied extensions?

A popular new technique for root coverage is called root smudging. Root smudging means the stylist buffs out the line between your roots and your hair color, and adds depth to your hair color. This avoids stripping lightening processes like bleach, and still covers your roots.

What other techniques do Hairlaya hand-tied extensions take well?

Balayage is a newer coloring technique that Hairlaya hand-tied extensions respond very well to. Balayage is when your stylist free-hand paints color onto your hair, creating incredibly natural-looking and rich color. The Hairlaya hand-tied extensions are a perfect base for balayage. Hairlaya extensions also take toning very well, which helps match the color to your skin tone and preferred shade. 
Reach out to our local Dallas team if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Reach us at (866) 668.5292 or
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