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Hair Care: Hand-Tied Extensions

Caring for your hair extensions is of utmost importance, especially if you want them to last a while. This guide can be used for Hand-Tied extensions, Double-Weft extensions or wigs. Be sure to have extra care ,especially when working with Hand-Tied extensions, since they are the most fragile. See our guide below to maintain your beautiful tresses!


  1. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner 
  2. Use a hair mask once a week (or as necessary) 
  3. Use a heat protectant when heat styling hair 
  4. Use a hairspray or light oil to keep moisturized



  1. We recommend that you wash no more than twice a week
  2. Brush hair with a paddle brush (wet brush) to limit tangles before washing
  3. Hand massage scalp gently to prevent the thread from loosening. 
  4. When brushing, it’s best to start from the ends and work your way up to the root to avoid snagging and limit pulling of the weft.



  1. Avoid harsh towel-drying by taking a towel or cotton t-shirt and softly pressing at the scalp to absorb the excess water
  2. Blow dry on low heat. High heat can damage the integrity of the extensions 
  3. Use a paddle brush while blow drying to ensure the wefts are fully dry 
  4. Avoid direct heat on the base of the weft 


Daily Care

  1. Always sleep with hair extensions in a braid or a low pony to avoid knots/tangles -- wear a silk bonnet or headscarf 
  2. Wear a swim cap before entering a pool. 
  3. Use paddle brush regularly to rid hair of tangles
  4. Use heat tools sparingly



While there are a plethora of ways you can take care of your hair extensions, we wanted to give you the most simple, concise tips, so that you can follow along easily. Have any tips to add? Send them to us via our chat room on hairlaya.com.

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