Hairlaya is Fluent in Luxury with Hand-Tied Extensions for the Boss Babe

Hand-tied extensions are a luxury investment, so you want to know you’re getting high quality when you purchase them! Let’s break down all the reasons why Hairlaya has the highest quality hand-tied extensions on the market.

What are Hairlaya hand-tied extensions made of?

Hairlaya hand-tied extensions are 100% Remy human hair. Remy hair means the hair was collected in the direction it grew, with the hair cuticle traveling smoothly from top to bottom. Because it is Remy hair, it looks and feels like your natural hair. However, Remy does not mean the hair is virgin. 

What do Hairlaya hand-tied extensions feel like? 

Because of the intact cuticle, Hairlaya hand-tied extensions feel smooth and soft from root to tip. The intact cuticle prevents the hand-tied extensions from appearing cheap, rough, or uneven. This also means the extensions will blend easily with your natural hair, and feel silky smooth. 

Are Hairlaya hand-tied extensions single or double drawn?

Hairlaya hand-tied extensions are double-drawn! This means all the shorter hairs have been drawn out of the bundle of hair. This is so the hair extensions are the same length from top to bottom, and are the same thickness throughout. This also means you can run your hands or brush through your hand-tied extensions without pulling out pesky little strands and losing longevity! 

How long do Hairlaya hand-tied extensions last?

Hairlaya hand-tied extensions can last up to 18 months with proper maintenance and at-home care. Because of the longevity and investment, you’re sure to have an amazing look for up to two years. Check out our other blogs for tips on maintaining your Hairlaya hand-tied extensions, and much more! 

How do I buy Hairlaya hand-tied extensions?

You can purchase Hairlaya extensions here. If you’re unsure, or just want to talk about your options with a professional, consult with your stylist and order through them
Reach out to our local Dallas team if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Reach us at (866) 668.5292 or
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