Hairlaya's Long Awaited Tape-in Course is here

Hairlaya, the premium brand on the hair extensions market highly rated by every single client, is launching this brand new tape-in installation course! 
When you sign up with this course you’re getting the deal of a lifetime! Not only do we provide you access to the world’s best Hair extensions, Hairlaya also provides you with the tools and support to help grow your business.
Class includes 6 Modules with sub-sections, very simple and instructive, covering everything you need to know about installing a tape-in extension. No styling experience is required to complete and master the techniques! At the end of the course, you will be quizzed on information learned, in which you will be required to submit correct answers before certification is granted.
Find out how Anna magically transforms the super-thin, short hair into a long voluminous diva look with 80 pieces of Hairlaya Tape-in extensions!

Anna has 16 years in the Beauty Industry. She has used every type of extension on the market but her favorite type of hair extension type is the tape-in method. As a Pro Stylist and Instructor in Tape-In Extensions, she is well-Experienced in Salon Ownership and Management
With that experience, not only will you learn the best tape-in skills, but also the practical tips on winning clients' hearts. Anna loves the Hairlaya brand because our hair is of the supreme quality Hairlaya's unique super thin weft-lines that prevent the hair from shedding. What Anna LOVES most about our hair is that when he removes the tape extensions the tape removes easily without any sticky residue or hair loss, a feature which is being adored by his clients, too! 
Also, this course comes with a lovely cool, handy, and extremely useful Hairlaya Tape-in Toolkit worth $119.
  • •Tape-In Hair Sample 12", 4 Pieces
  • •Silk Pouch
  • •12pcs Re-Tape Tabs
  • •12pcs Single Side Tape
  • •4 Hair Grippers
  • •2 Professional Sectioning Clips
  • •Rat Tail Comb
  • •Extension Brush

hairlaya tape-in tools

"Hairlaya online course is very well set up and very informative." Quoting one of the many good reviews by the stylists who have completed Hairlaya's hand-tied installation course.
And here is from the email sent to use by another stylist: "I did tons of searching, but only have found videos that are not detailed or clear enough, which wastes my time. My friend who used Hairlaya's extensions recommended Hairlaya's course and products to me. I saw their previous Hand-tied course package on a discount: with everything valued at $790 combined. That course was absolutely helpful and even to the point of life-changing. I got certified at the end and tried out the techniques I learned with my higher-end clients who want hand-tied extensions. They were super satisfied with both my installation and Hairlaya's hand-tied extensions. 
I could not believe I could get this Tape-in course at such a low price as well. So even though I have some experience in installing tape-ins for my clients, this time I myself bought this new Tape-in course just to know more about Tape-in. I do want my clients to be more than satisfied. Plus I would be able to get this very sophisticated certificate. I recommend this course to everyone I know. It can even be a good gift for one of my friends who want to work as a stylist. "
Hairlaya wants to empower the stylist and deliver new and relevant skills and products to all. Come join our mission. Get certified today and you will get:
  • Complete curriculum from consultation to the removal
  • A smooth online learning experience with all details covered, clear sidenotes via HD videos
  • Get a certificate with Hairlaya's online quiz system
  • One-year free access. You will be able to rewatch and install it for your clients at your pace. You will be able to go all over easily
  • You’ll not only be the first to know about special promotions and new products launch, but more importantly, you will get the Exclusive Discount on All Hairlaya Products which is the best on the market!
hairlaya tape-in certificate
Calling Hairdressers, To Build Your New Income By Getting Certified With Hairlaya
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