Hand-tied Hair Extensions Installation Guide

Hand-tied hair extension is all the rage right now, and for a good reason! The trendy tide swept influencers in recent days: you see their gorgeous look when checking out Instagram. And a lot of celebrities are chasing this extension method. Have you tried hand-tied extension out yet? Follow this guide to get the best out of your hair extensions experience.

How to put in hand-tied hair extensions

Hand-tied hair extensions could be installed by the "natural beaded" method available to use on all hair types, especially on thin or fine hair due to the extremely thin weft design.
First, part the hair neatly and measure where you'd like your weft to begin and end at least two fingers width above the ear. If baby hairs get in the way, it becomes painful for your client because pieces are being pulled into the extension that should not be there, so clean partings are essential. Clip-on and mark where the weft ends so you can properly place the front beads. The front beads should be applied slightly behind where the weft will end.
Take a large rectangular section of hair and apply the first feed off base at about a 45-degree angle going back. Fit the most amount of hair you can in the bead to make a firm and secure base and prevent too much tension on the hair.
For the next bead, take a slightly smaller section of hair and a half-inch coming out of the previous bead and apply the bead-like before. The second bead should be parallel to the first. The third and subsequent beads can angle down following your planned departed path. Continue chaining the beads three-quarters of an inch apart until you've reached the middle of the head.
For each row, the stylist Put in a ring of the bead and sew the beads tight. It will loosen a bit when the hair grows out. You can have 2 or 3 rows according to your need.
Watch this short video to have a quick view of the hand-tied installation. 
Hairlaya developed a hand-tied certification course for hairstylists. It takes the stylists through the entire hair extension removal with close-up shots to show you how it's done. After learning, practicing, and the quiz inspection, the hairstylist, will get certified.
The Hairlaya certified stylist knows every tip to do hand-tied extensions without damage. You can trust them to install your hand-tied and commit your hair goals.
It is just a great feeling knowing that you can help somebody and give them back that confidence and have them feeling their best version of themselves.
Hairlaya here lists all the salons who got certified with Hairlaya on our SalonLocator page. You fill in the zip code and find a trusted salon or stylist to do your hand-tied installation. It would guarantee you will get nicely and non-damage installed. Get your hand-tied extensions and get everyone obsessed with your new gorgeous hair. Consult and book your appointment now!
Choose Hairlaya to get a full head of fabulous hair and become the envy of the room.
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