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How To Build Clientele Through Hairlaya


The question you’re all wondering: how can I get more clients using your hair extension brand? Well today, we’re to help you with a few ideas of your own. After all, we’re working hand-in-hand to make sure our clients have the best hair-experience possible!

Tips To Build Clientele:

  • Make your client feel knowledgeable about their hand-tied extensions
  • Clients like to know what’s going on, especially with their hair. Showing that you know a lot about the product that you are installing puts the customer at ease, and allows the customer to gain product knowledge. Talk them through the process if it’s their first time receiving the specific style, and have general conversation as they're getting their hair done.

  • Ensure the customer feels comfortable in the environment the hand-tied extensions are going to be installed. 
  • Whether it be tidying up your space ten minutes before your client arrives, providing water for convenience, and/or having a small fan, in case it’s a warmer day, are all steps you can take to make sure your client is comfortable while getting their hair done.

  • Meeting Customers’ Expectations
  • If a client comes to you and has questions or concerns regarding the products you are planning to use in their hair, the hair extensions and/or styling, be sure to take their needs into consideration. When customer are heard and understood, they typically leave happy and satisfied, and are likely to book with you again

  • Follow-Up Services
  • Regardless of the hairstyle, clients are going to need their hair done again, eventually. Since you know this, be sure to talk about hair maintenance, and when they’ll need to come back in for a touch-up. To seal the deal, go ahead and book the appointment with the client while they are still in your shop!

  • Before and After Pictures:
  • A simple, yet easy thing to do is to show (and prove) your work. Though there are a lot of people who don’t care to be on camera, this can be done, (and is most efficient) by taking a photo of the back of their head. First, make sure you ask your client if they feel comfortable doing so, since the photo will likely be shared online.

  • ENGAGE!!
  • Simply, engage with your clients, customers and supporters on social media platforms. If you don’t have any social media platforms, make sure you create some. These will lead to exposure, and can be easier for you to prove your work, and thus, gain more clients. Respond to DMs, comments and even thank people for following!

    We hope these tips lead you to more clients than you had before, and don’t forget to refer others to Hairlaya!

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