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How to Find Hand-tied Hair Extension Salons Near Me


Hand-tied extensions are trending.

Hand-tied extensions are massively trending right now and for a good reason! They're incredible for providing impressive volume/length and are the least damaging when it comes to your natural hair. You never know that hair could make such a massive difference in appearance.
The light and invisible hand-tied extensions will come to the rescue and never hurt your natural hair to be installed by a certified and professional hairstylist. Not every stylist can do hand-tied extensions, but you will learn how to find a qualified hand-tied stylist nearby at the end of the post.

What's so great about hand-tied extensions

Go ahead and put on the hand-tied extensions. It is the invisible traceless hair weft tied to your hair. The hand-tied extensions are so lightweight it doesn't feel like a crap ton of hair sitting on your head even though there is a crap ton of hair on my head. It's very lightweight and feels like your natural hair. You can't even tell the difference, to be honest!
Meanwhile, you can style them at will without needing to worry about hurting your natural hair. Curling your hair makes it a little bit shorter, but with the hand-tied extensions added to your length, you would still have long, wavy hair after curling! 
Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions are made of 100% double-drawn CUTICLE human hair, with shorter hairs removed and hair ends cut by hands to make the entire bundle in the same length and fullness from top to bottom.
Hairlaya hand-tied extension
Hairlaya's hair is durable because, for its every extension, Hairlaya collects the raw hair material from one single donor. No Chemical, no silicon during the processing.
They are offered in a comprehensive range of colors. You can mix hair extensions' colors by consulting a closeby hair stylist based on your natural hair. It may have natural highlights and low lights. When the sun comes out, your hair probably gets brighter and vice versa. When it's not sunny, your hair gets darker. But if you wanted the extensions to bring out the blonder part of your hair. This all can be customized by a simple phone call or easy visit to a certified Hairlaya hand-tied extension stylist.
Cultivating and offering the best hair extension experience, besides the hair's quality, proper technology training for the stylists is significant. Doing the hair extensions in the wrong way is not only a waste of your money and time, but the worst part is causing pressure, damage to your own hair. Therefore Hairlaya builds our certification courses for hairstylists to provide the best technology and make every step of installing hair extensions perfect.
With Hairlaya's Salon-locator, you can easily find the certified stylist who can get you the most gorgeous-looking hand-tied hair extensions close by. Just enter your zip code or address and Ta-da! You will be on your way to the great summer look!
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