How To Find The Right Stylist To Fit My Hand-tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are in the trend. They are recognized as one of the best hair extensions for fitting all hair textures, especially for people with thin or fine hair. So no matter what hair goals you are seeking for, a very long, big, fancy color Instagram look or a more natural cover for your own natural hair or hiding your "ugly" cut wrong hair, hand-tied would give you the seamless and gorgeous hair result as you want to gain on hair extensions.
Check out what Hairlaya's certified stylists commit to their clients:
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Given the best quality and premium experience, hand-tied extension is a bit more expensive than other extension types. A good quality hand-tied hair + installation fee can cost you over 1000 bucks. Therefore, when you decide to try out hand-tied hair extensions for the first time, finding a reputable stylist to do your hair is crucial. If it can not be installed correctly, you might waste money, time and, even worse, hurt and damage your precious natural hair.
But where should you be looking for one?

There is a big difference between trained professionals and unqualified stylists.

This is a real-life case of the hand-tied extensions done. Hairlaya has had this client come to us for suggestions:
a terrible wrong case of hand-tied extension
This is the message quoted from the client: "Hi! I was hoping you could help me by sharing your knowledge. I have thin hair and decided to get extensions. After talking with the hairstylist, she said handsewn was the best. She ordered the hair and sewed it in. The hair itself was very expensive, and I also paid hundreds of bucks of installation fee) for her to sew it in (not including color or trim), and she did not style it after sewing it in. I know nothing about this method and relied on her knowledge. I can't do anything to hide the bulky ridge where it appears the seam became twisted halfway around my head and sticks out much further。"
The result is she paid her stylist an extra fee to redo it but has got the same result. In addition, her scalp hurts, so she has no choice but to throw the hair away since the extension does not look natural on her head either.
Yes, her stylist was right about hand-sewn/ hand-tied extensions. They are great for fine or thin hair. However, this stylist of hers has failed to make a sound installation and made the client suffer. With so much hair, it was not done correctly. One of the most horrible mistakes a stylist can make is applying too much hair, as this one did. The clients might want length, but if their own hair is very fine or thin or they prefer a very tapered look, adding too much hair can look false. If you’re looking for hair extensions to add length, bear in mind that having hair extensions shouldn’t only be about long hair but also look stylish and natural.
She did not do perfectly clean parting, correct anchoring, and neat sewing as a professional hand-tied stylist can achieve. Down below are pictures taken by Hairlaya's certified stylists. You can see they are very neatly done, blend with the hair perfectly, and will never damage the clients' natural hair like above.
The biggest problem is the end of wefts that stick out on both the top and bottom. It is not appropriately done. Thus the weft just can not be hidden.
Therefore we know that how important it is to get a trained stylist to install your hair extensions, which are meant to make you look and feel your best every day—from special occasions to everyday coffee runs.

A secret to identifying the most qualified trained professionals in seconds

Make sure you see the proof of your stylist's qualification before you go to her. All stylists who have completed the professional training courses will have a verifiable certification. We highly recommend you to use the Hairlaya salon locator to find Hairlaya certified stylist to avoid pitfalls. The service quality of these stylists is verified so that the final result is ensured.
Hairlaya screens our certified hairstylist strictly, and every stylist on it meet the standard of doing hand-tied extension correctly.
  1. All the stylists on this locator have gone through all the Hairlaya hand-tied extension installation online courses and summit every step of their work.
  2. Hairlaya has followed up for over months until they install hand-tied extensions for at least two clients with the correct method, both giving 5-star reviews.
Now do not hesitate to find one close by and get yourself a hand-tied consultation!
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