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How To Install Hybrid Weft Extensions For Thin And Fine Hair


At Hairlaya, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best, so we do our part to provide hair extensions and installation suggestions for a vast range of hair. Today we will discuss how to install invisible hybrid weft extensions for people with thin and fine hair. As a stylist, it is essential to broaden your skills and improve your knowledge, so be sure to follow along for wonderful tips!

Providing Extensions For Thin Hair

Thinning hair is one of the biggest reasons for getting extensions, so you will frequently work with thin hair. The methods below are safe, effective, and proven, so you can empower people with the hair and look they love! Stop turning clients away and start making their day with stunning extensions.

How To Install Hybrid Weft Extensions

The first place to start when installing extensions is three finger widths away from the hairline. If you struggle to determine the distance, take a rat tail comb, place the hair over it, and if you see the tail comb, you should be able to see the extensions.

The next step is determining how much hair is needed for the bead. You should take a bigger section than needed for optimum results.

You want the bead to end up flat against the head with no belles, so you should use the Luxe tool at zero degrees elevation to clamp the bead. Bypassing this step could result in a bevel and the weft itself popping out or causing discomfort to your client. 

What Is The Difference From Regular Weft Installation?

Invisible extensions are meant to hide the beads completely. You want to clip the extensions out of the way and place one weft underneath the bead.

Once you complete this task, you can unclip the beads. The weft should be as close to the beads as possible, and you can begin placing the extensions on top of the beads and start the sewing process.

The best way to sew and provide maximum security and comfort is to thread and needle three beads back. This will limit slippage and minimize the chance of the extensions falling out.

When you reach the outer corners of the weft, you want to use a double or triple stitch for extra security. For best results, sew on the left and right of the bead because the middle has a tendency to move up over the course of 6-8 weeks.

Necessary Tools For Hybrid Weft Extensions:

1. Metal clips: Free up your hands for sewing and other tasks while hair stays in place with tiny metal clips.

2. Luxe Tool: Effortlessly keep the beads in place with this convenient clamp.

3. Loop Tool: Quickly and easily load silicone beads with this innovative device.

4. Quick Pick: Use this tool to create clean sectioning for your beads.

5. Hooked Needles: These needles are curved to stay out of the way so you can properly sew the extensions.

6. Silicone Beads: These beads are designed to prevent slippage as much as possible and outperform alternative beads.

7. Weaving Threads: Use color-matched threads for sewing wefts. 

8. Sewing Scissors: Cut threads easily with these small scissors during the sewing process. 

As well as Hair Grippers to keep hair sections in place and reduce flyaways.

Necessary Tools For Hybrid Weft Extensions

3 Common Types Of Weft Extensions

Hand-tied Wefts: Hand-tied wefts are a fan favorite and have been industry standard due to their overall range of benefits. Hand-tied wefts are lightweight and discreet and must be bonded with glue at the tips. They unravel when cut and are great for fine hair.

Hybrid Wefts: Hybrid Wefts are the most advanced and innovative extension on the market, building off of hand-tied wefts. Unlike hand-tied wefts, they do not unravel when cut. Hybrid wefts are great for all hair types.

Machine Tied Wefts: Machine-tied wefts are thick, strong, and the heaviest wefts out of the three. This is because machine-tied wefts utilize the most hair making them an excellent option for adding volume. These are best used for people with thick hair.
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