How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions This Summer


There's nothing better than showing off your luscious locks in the summer air; however, summer can take a severe toll on hair extensions. Summer is filled with several elements that can damage hair extensions (and hair in general) without the proper precautions. 

Swimming in chlorine or saltwater, using harsh products, improperly drying hair, etc., are a few things to watch out for this summer. But don't let that worry you; you can get the most out of summer and your extensions by taking a few precautions. 

Summer Care Of Hair Extensions

Properly Dry Your Hair 

Many people love summer swimming which is great; just make sure to properly dry your hair and remove all of the chlorine or saltwater. It is best to wet your hair with fresh water, apply conditioner while avoiding the bonds and wait until your hair is dry before going to bed. 

If you plan on swimming for an extended time, you can do the above precautions prior to swimming to minimize the absorption of saltwater and chlorine. You can also use a swimmer's cap to protect your hair further. 

Avoid Harmful Hair Or Skin Products 

Skin and hair products can be incredibly damaging to extensions like tape-in. Things like lotion and sunscreen can interfere with the tape-in and make them come loose. With tape-ins, it is best to minimize moisture and exposure, which is why you should always wash your hands after applying a hair or skin product. 

Combat Dryness For Healthy Hair 

While the heat might feel great, it can also create dry hair. The conditioner will help protect your hair which is why you want to apply it every time you wash (2 inches away from bonds). You want to go one step further in dry conditions and deep conditions every 1-2 weeks. When you are applying conditioner, you want to be gentle and not rough up the bonds. 

Minimize Shampoo For Healthy Extensions  

While you are increasing conditioner, you want to be minimizing shampoo. Shampoo strips hair of its oil and extensions do not have natural oils, to begin with. This means you should only be using shampoo 2-3 days a week or even one day if your hair allows for it. You also want to make sure you are using sulfate-free and non-volumizing shame on your extensions. Last but not least is to make sure you rinse out all of the shampoos with cold or lukewarm water. 

Brush Daily For Healthy Hair Extensions  

Hair is more likely to tangle during the summer, which is why you should brush your hair every day. However, you want to be using a special extension brush with looped bristles to slide through hair without pulling it effortlessly. You can also hold the bonder or tape while brushing to ensure no unnecessary tugging. Detanglers are also a great help, but once again, be mindful of the area and force you are using. 

brush hair

Enjoy Your Summer And Your Hair 

Follow these steps to enjoy the fabulous hair you love all summer long. Just because you have extensions doesn't mean you have to avoid your favorite summer activities. These are just a few rules that should be followed to maximize extension health and should actually be used for all hair types.

A few minutes of extra work or simply avoiding certain products can make a tremendous difference in the status and health of your hair. Using precaution can prevent damage from happening altogether and save tremendous headaches in the long run. If you are still looking for the perfect summer look, you can browse the Hairlaya extensions. 

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