How You Can Have A Successful Color Consultation With A Client


Are you looking for ways to make your hair extension installations even better? The prep work and consultations are critical in how hair extensions turn out. It would be best to dive deep to understand what your client wants and needs and provide a path to help them get as close to possible to their dreams. This is especially true regarding hair extension color and the coloring process. We recommend stylists undergo a color consultation with their client and follow the outline below to achieve the best results. 

Discover Your Client's Desires 

The first thing you should do is understand what they want. Are they getting extensions to aid their natural hair and add dimension and color? Or are they getting extensions to be a completely different shade from their current hair? Have your client bring the exact color they want their extensions to be, and then review the shades to understand their perception. The better you know your clients' wants, the better results you can deliver. 

Understand The Full Picture 

How big of a transformation is your client looking for? Please get to know the complete picture so you can turn their dream into a reality. Do they want a few highlights? Do they want a full-color change? Maybe they want to involve their natural hair in the mix? Ask questions like these so you can gain clarity on what your client is looking for. 

Help Your Client Know The Methods And Options 

Discuss what methods and options are available to your client. You are a professional and know the best route to give your client what they want. You should provide the information they need so they can understand the best methods and options available to them. Do they want to blend the extension? Do they want to color the extension? Help your client decide the best course of action with your expert insight. 

Select The Extension Color

The next step would be going to the Color Ring and selecting the appropriate colors based on the above. By now, you should have a good idea of what your client is going for. If your client is going the blended route, you want to select a color within two shades of their desired hair color. For the coloring route, you want to choose a color within two shades lighter of their desired hair color. 

How You Can Have A Successful Color Consultation With A Client

Inform Your Client 

Now that you are well through the process, you want to inform your client of what will happen next. It would help if you told them what they could expect on their color appointment and installation day. You should explain why they are separate and must come in after for touch-up appointments. You want your client entirely in the know so their transformation has no unexpected surprises. You also want to tell your client what preparation they need to do to have a successful installation. This step should be to get everything out in the open and provide complete clarity so your client understands what is happening. 

Order The Extension And Colors 

Once you and your client are on the same page and they have scheduled their appointment, you should order their extensions and colors. Once you reach this step, you should have thoroughly consulted to deliver unbeatable results. Going above and beyond in the consolation will make the later work more accessible. 

Maintain Happy Clients 

No one wants to be blindsided or out of the know, including your clients. One of the best ways to keep your clients happy is to take the time to understand them, communicate thoroughly, and ensure both of you have a clear understanding. Making the expectations known beforehand will set you and your client up for success. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask or follow the blog for more hair care and stylist tips. 

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