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Master The Art Of Lash Extensions With The Premier Hairlaya Course


We have some great news! The fan-favorite Hairalaya Online Lash Course is making a comeback! By mastering another skill, you will experience a new world of opportunity helping attract more clients and maximize your earning potential.

Why Should You Learn Lash Installations?

Adding another skill to your arsenal is always beneficial, but in the case of lash installations, it can be life-changing. You see, stylists already have a client base, and by learning lash installation, you can provide another much-needed service to your clients. Additionally, adding this skill will also increase your client base as people come on for lashes; they will likely consider extensions. This creates a win-win situation for your business.

Hairlaya lash extension course

Why Choose The Hairlaya Course?

Hairlaya goes above and beyond to provide the information, resources, and support you need to succeed. Our hair extension classes demonstrate this, and our past lash extensions course also demonstrated how we go above and beyond. You will learn from a Master Cosmetology Instructor with over a decade in the industry showcasing the best practices, tips, tricks, and solutions for lash installation.

Hairlaya lash extension instructor

What Is Included With The Hairlaya Lash Course?

You will receive everything you need to start installing lashes, including the information, resources, and tools. You will receive an in-depth curriculum via HD videos showcasing the best methods for lash installations. You will receive a comprehensive start tool kit, so you have everything necessary to install lashes. Lastly, you will receive group support and access to online discussions to further your lash knowledge and ask any questions.

Hairlaya lash extension tool kit

Become A Certified Pro

Upon completion and passing of the quiz, you will receive a Hairlaya Lash Certification. You can proudly display this on your wall showcasing your skills and experience to your clientele. Take the course, learn a skill and become a certified pro!

Hairlaya lash extension certificate

Ready To Go Resources

Start your lash service as soon as you complete the course with ready-to-go resources. We provide extensive downloadable extras to help you, such as manuals, pricing surveys, Consultation forms, social templates, aftercare cards, and more!

Complete End To End Instruction

This course covers the entire process from beginning to end, so anyone can master lash installations. You will receive all the information you need to deliver stunning results time and time again.

Now is the time to stop waiting and start learning and earning. You can find out more about our lash course and enroll here.

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