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Warranties are one of those things you hate to use but love to have when you need them. Unfortunately, warranties in general, especially in the hair extensions market, fall short, often leaving the stylist holding the bill. Hairlaya breaks the norm by providing the best and most extensive (90-day) warranty available in the hair extension market.

But don't let that fool you. Just because we offer the best warranty available doesn't mean you will be using it; in fact, one of the reasons we are able to offer an extended policy is due to the premier quality of our products, as you will see below. 

Why Is A Good Warranty Policy Needed? 

Manufacturing errors are bound to happen in any industry no matter how much care, quality control, and attention go into delivering a perfect end product. However, just because there are errors and defects doesn't mean this burden should fall on the consumer. 

The consumer should be able to examine the item, report, and defects and have a new one sent their way as quickly as possible. There shouldn't have to be tremendous hoops to go through or extensive delays preventing them from utilizing the product.  

Why Does Hairlaya Have The Best Warranty Policy?

Hairlaya offers the best warranty policy because we believe in empowering our clients with the hair they love. This means top-of-the-line quality that looks good, feels good and lasts as long as it is supposed to. If our product has manufacturing defects, we want to do what's right and ensure our clients receive a beautiful, defect-free product they were looking forward to. You can count on us to look out for you!  


How Does Our Quality Allow Us to Offer A Great Warranty Policy?

At Hairlaya, we stand behind the quality of our hair and understand how minimal manufacturing defects there are in our process. We take the time to source the highest grade hair, use leading innovation to produce the extensions, and go above and beyond with quality control to minimize defected products reaching the market. By maximizing our quality and minimizing mistakes, we can offer the best warranty policy in the industry. 

Why We Offer A Seamless Warranty Process?  

Having an excellent warranty is one thing; making it simple for the consumer is another. We have made our warranty process as simple and easy as possible so you can quickly examine the product, report your claim and receive approval in a timely manner. Since we have minimal defects, we can promptly investigate claims. 

What Defects Are Covered By The Warranty?

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, including inversion, excessive shedding, and discoloration. This warranty does not cover non-manufacturing defects, including misuse, improper application, damage from alterations, extreme heat, etc. 

Our quality control team has the sole determination of determining defects and how much credit will be offered.  

How Can You Issue A Warranty?

If you have a problem with a Hairlaya product, the best thing you can do is head over to our warranty page for complete instructions. 

You will see we offer a 90 warranty against manufacturing defects starting at the invoice date.

If you see an issue, the best thing to do is report it as quickly as possible and send it back within 30 days of the claim. 

Our team will determine if defects are present and how much credit will be applied if you have any questions feel free to contact us via email or phone. 

Going Above And Beyond 

You can count on Hairlaya to deliver exceptional value and look after you. We do our best to ensure every piece meets your standards, but we understand mistakes do happen, and we are here to correct them. It is essential to get hair just right, which is why we offer such an extensive warranty. Shop with Hairlaya with complete confidence and peace of mind knowing we offer the best extensions and warranty around. 

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