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The Real Truth On Hybrid Wefts: Discover Why Everyone Is Raving About Hybrid Wefts


Are Hybrid Wefts just another craze, or are they here to stay? Anytime something gets this much attention, it can be easy to dismiss it as the latest trend, but the truth is, Hybrid Wefts are overwhelmingly positive and here to change the extension industry for the better. Today you will learn what they are, how they work, and if they are right for you or your clients. 

What Are Hybrid Weft Extensions

Hybrid Extensions are the most advanced extensions on the market. They combine the perfect blend of the comfort and aesthetics of hand-tied wefts and the longevity of machine-bonded wefts. Hybrid Wefts provide the perfect blend and balance, giving users an aesthetic, comfort, and convenient and long-lasting look they are sure to love. 

hybrid wefts

How Do Hybrid Wefts Differ From Other Extensions? 

Hybrid Wefts are more than just a blend of other extensions. They have their own unique and innovative benefits as well. The first big difference is there is minimal shedding, helping your extensions look good for the full duration. 

The next benefit is an absolute game-changer which is Hybrid Wefts can be cut without unraveling. This means you get to cut and style your hair exactly how you like it when you want to. Traditional hand-tied extensions often fall apart when cut, so users are left with their chosen weft length. Hybrid wefts open a new world of possibilities empowering wearers always to have the hair they want. 

How Are Hybrid Wefts Installed? 

Surely something new and modern must have a complex installation method? Actually, no. The Hairlaya Hybrid Weft uses the same installation process as our hand-tied wefts. This is excellent news if you are already familiar with our hand-tied wefts and have taken our course. If you haven’t already taken our course, you can become a certified Hairlaya Stylist and level up your skills here: Hand-Tied Course. 

What Tools Are Required For Installation? 

There are a few simple tools required, all of which can be found in our Professional Hand-Tied Starter Tool Kit. A few of the basics include sewing scissors, threaders, flat clamp pliers, etc. If you have any questions on tools, be sure to go through our course and reach out to us directly. 

How Do You Properly Maintain And Care For Hybrid Wefts

The maintenance and care of hybrid wefts are very similar to hand-tied wefts. They can both last up to two years with regular maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Hybrid Wefts can be treated very similarly to natural hair, but extra precautions should be used when swimming, going to the beach, etc. One thing that should be avoided altogether is excess heat above 120*C to prevent the weft from melting.

• Minimize Salt And Chlorinated Water: Salt and chlorine can damage your extensions just like they damage natural hair. Avoid when possible and take extra precautions when swimming. 

• Keep Extensions Clean: Just like your natural hair, you want to keep your extensions clean for optimal appearance and condition. 

• Use Heat Protectant And Avoid Excess Heat: Excess heat, especially over 120* C, should be avoided, and heat protectants should be used when applying heat. 

You can learn more here: How To Properly Take Care Of Your Hand Tied Hair Extensions. 

Join The Future 

As you can see, Hybrid Extensions are here to stay! The sooner you jump on board, the sooner you can give your clients the hair they are dreaming of. Hybrid Extensions are the most optimal extension on the market, excelling in all areas from comfort, convenience, aesthetics, longevity, and more! 

Why Hairlaya? 

Now you know the benefits of Hybrid Extensions, but why Hairlaya? Hairlaya is an industry leader utilizing 100% human cuticle hair providing consistent quality. We carefully source our hair through ethical suppliers before carefully inspecting the strands. In the rare event of a mishap, we provide the best warranty in the industry. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out and ask! 


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