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Tips For Maintaining Hair Extensions In The Fall


When people think of seasonal hair care, the first thing that comes to mind is summer. While summer poses certain hair risks, the fall season poses risks of its own. It’s important to understand these factors so you can take the necessary precautions to protect your hair. 

Today we will go over several fall maintenance tips you can incorporate into your routine to maximize your hair health. As always, it’s much easier to prevent damage and protect your hair than to reverse and undo the damage - making it important to practice preventative care and make hair-healthy decisions. 

Hair Extensions Care Tips In The Fall

Extensions Vs. Natural Hair 

One of the great things about quality hair extensions utilizing 100% human hair is they follow the same guidelines and risks as your natural hair. These maintenance tips are beneficial for both hair extensions and natural hair.   

Understanding The Risks 

The first thing to note is different seasons will impact your hair differently. In the fall, the risks revolve around excess heat, harmful hair ingredients found in things like certain sunscreens, and going to places like the pool or beach. 

One of the biggest risks of the summer is the lack of humidity. The dryer season can make your hair more brittle and vulnerable to damage. Brittle hair is more likely to break, split, etc., making it essential to keep your hair as moisturizing and healthy as possible. 

Below are several methods for keeping your hair moisturized and protected against fall elements. 

Conditioning And Hair Oils 

You want to utilize deep conditioning treatments on your hair extensions at least once a week during the fall. For everyday use, you want to use instant leaving conditioner or argon oil products to combat frizz and dryness and moisturize your hair and extensions. Another thing you want to incorporate is a hair mask or hair oil treatment (don’t apply too close to bonds) to help nourish your scalp and, once again, combat dryness. However, you do not want to do these treatments the day your extensions are installed, as they will prevent the extensions from adhering to your natural hair.  

Silk Or Satin Linings 

One of the best ways to protect your hair, especially for outdoor use, is silk or satin linings. These are simple and effective ways to add instant protection. The best way is to wear a silk or sating hat, headscarf or hood. These are great because they don’t absorb moisture and prevent your hair strands from rubbing together, unlike other materials like cotton, etc. when hair strands rub together, they can create friction and frizz, leading to tangles, static and more. You should try and protect your hair anytime you are exposed to outdoor elements for maximum results. 

Trimming Your Hair 

Another tip for the fall season is to trim your hair before adding extensions. The cooler, dryer air increases the odds of breakage and split ends. By trimming your natural hair, you will make it easier to blend the extensions.  

Practice Other Hair Healthy Measures  

Just like all other seasons, you should continue to practice healthy hair measures. The fall time is no time to slack, and both your natural hair and extensions will thank you for it. The better you treat your hair - the better it will treat you. For more hair tips, be sure to check out the rest of our blog posts or consult with your stylist.  

Stay Consistent 

For best results, stay on a consistent routine and program. As we said earlier, it’s easier to keep your hair healthy than it is to recover your hair health. The best way to stay consistent is to develop healthy habits you can easily incorporate into your routine.  

Start Protecting Your Hair Today 

As the leaves begin to change, so should your hair routine. Start incorporating these tips into your routine today to maximize your results. 

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