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Tips To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions


Are you interested in extensions? Maybe you are excited or even a little nervous. We are here to help whether this is your first time or you've already experienced them. After all, when it comes to hair health, you must know precisely what you are getting into. 

Today we will go over must-know tips to help you decide which extensions to choose, how to find a trusted stylist, and much more! We know this is an exciting time, and many people love to dive in, but a few minutes of reading and understanding extensions can save you mega bucks and even your hair. 

How To Find A Trusted Stylist? 

A key component of stunning and seamless hair extensions is a talented stylist. You can have the best extensions in the world, but they won't look right if they are improperly installed. Worse yet, improperly installed extensions could damage your hair. This is why it is crucial to find a trusted and talented stylist. 

One of the best ways to determine if a stylist is ready for the job is to see if they are certified. Certified Stylists have undergone comprehensive training to learn how to install extensions, prevent damage, make them look fabulous and much more. However, a big difference exists between being certified and watching YouTube videos. Here at Hairlaya, we have a Stylist Locator so you can find Hairlaya Certified Stylists in your area. 

This brings us to another question. What if you already have a stylist or Stylist in mind? The first thing you should check is to see if they are certified. The next thing you should look at is prior clients. How did the extensions turn out? Are the clients happy with them? Did they cause any damage? This is your hair. After all, you want to go with an experienced stylist with enthusiastic clients. You can also check out our Instagram page as we repost stylists nationwide. 

Why Choose Hairlaya

Along with a talented stylist, you need premium extensions to look your best. This is precisely why you should choose Hairlaya extensions. We have a proven track record of providing quality, ethical, and beautiful extensions. All our extensions are ethically sourced, 100% human cuticle hair making them the best extensions on the market. We are so sure of this, and we include an industry-leading 90-day warranty on our extensions. 

Hairlaya extensions come in various colors, providing stunning hair for any occasion or preference. Best of all, our extensions are incredibly comfortable, so you don't even know they are there! So you can count on Hairlaya to be there for you with stunning hair extensions you are sure to love. 

What Type Of Hair Extension Should You Choose?

Here at Hairlaya, we carry three extension types (hand-tied, hybrid, and tape-in wefts). We chose these extensions because they provide the most benefits and lowest downsides. In addition, these extensions all look good, feel good and provide longevity so you can enjoy them for months. 

Hand-Tied Weft Extensions:

Hand-tied wefts are hand sewn, making them one of the most natural and appealing extensions. Hand-tied wefts have been industry-leading extensions due to their elegant looks and minimal damage. Hand-tied wefts distribute the weight of the extension and do not use excessive heat or adhesives, making them incredibly hair friendly. Hand-tied wefts are unable to be cut without unraveling. Hand-tied wefts can last up to two years with routine maintenance. 

Hybrid Weft Extensions:

Hybrid Wefts build off hand-tied wefts, making them newer and more innovative. Hybrid wefts carry many of the same benefits but can be cut without unraveling. This allows you to change your style and hair length throughout your hair extension life which can be up to two years with routine care. In addition, hybrid wefts are incredibly comfortable, stylish, and convenient, making them a fantastic option. 

hybrid wefts extensions

Tape-in Weft Extensions:

Tape-in extensions provide faster install time and use medical-grade tape, so there is no damage to your hair. Tape-in extensions are great when you want something stylish, fast, and convenient and don't need them to last years. Tape-in extensions provide a seamless look and lasting comfort, making them another great option. 

Tape-in extensions

Selecting Your Extensions 

It would help if you talked with your Stylist beforehand to help determine the extension method and color you want to use. Your Stylist will have the best idea of what will look best, so it is essential to consult with them beforehand. Once you reach a conclusion, you can have them order extensions for you, or you can order directly from Hairlaya and bring it to them. 

Get Started Today

Hopefully, this helps you with your hair extension journey. Hair extensions open a new world of possibilities providing confidence, self-esteem, and many other benefits. We are excited for you and here to help with any questions. You can find our Stylist Locator or our entire Hairlaya Extension Collection here. Also, be sure to check up on our blog for more hair extension tips! 

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