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Nothing can stop us from meeting and learning!

Since our online course launched in 2020, Hairlaya has received many compliments from the stylists who have been certified through the Hairlaya signature certification program. In addition, many stylists told us how they saw the business getting more robust since they added the hand-tied extension to their service lists. We truly consider this is one of the most significant achievements for Hairlaya.
Still, we often received inquires about hands-on classes. Hairlaya would love to share our philosophy, expertise, and dedication by providing the best hair extension learning experience to those who trust us. So here it is!

Build up your clientele with this how-to hand-on curriculum.

No doubt, Hand-tied is a trend, and we are here to help you to catch it! Hairlaya worked with experienced professionals and experts in the industry and designed the program by giving you the best hands-on training! In addition, our instructors are carefully selected based on their credentials.
In this exclusive program, you will learn how to give clients a winning consultation, install the extension with unique techniques, and remove and provide after cares. You have a chance to practice on a mannequin and have a Q/A session. Your instructor will guide you step by step, ensuring you master the skills and finish a beautiful and blended work by yourself.
Your instructor will also share insider tips about how to market yourself and build your business by leveraging social media and digital advertising tools. With ongoing support and assistance after class from your instructor, you will be able to gain more clients and know the secret of building an ever-growing online presence.
You will get a dedicated hard-copy certificate to prove your qualification after completing the class with success!
When you sign up for this course, you're indeed getting the deal of a lifetime!

Our experienced and passionate instructors.

Hairlaya holds a high standard when selecting our instructors. They are required to have extensive experience with hair extensions, especially with Hand-tied extensions. Every instructor is impressively passionate about teaching.
All these instructors share the same vision with Hairlaya- the devotion to bring the best hair extensions to our clients.
Let's meet and learn together!

Whitney Bays (Instagram Profile @502littleshopofhairdos )

Whitney is the owner and the master stylist of Little shop of Hairdo’s in Louisville, Kentucky, with 14 years of experience specializing in coloring and shaping alternative hair. She graduated from Regis in 2008, gained her credential through JKS international.
She has worked for more than five years with extensive knowledge and expertise of I-tip, tape-in, and hand-tied extensions. She is an enthusiastic teacher who has the heart to share what she has learned.

Chelsea Palasek (Instagram Profile @chelsea.palasek )

Chelsea have been behind the chair for over 12 years. She specializes in color & bridal hair. Her genuine heart and application to beauty have led to creations of beautiful stunning works. She is certified with a few methods, but is specially fond of hand tied. Chelsea's love for education has turned into mentoring and teaching. With over ten years of teaching at Eufora international and Hothead, Chelsea will for sure bring the best out of you!

Claudio Farina (Instagram Profile @clauditofaruna )

Claudio Antonio is an independent stylist who is very passionate about education. He has worked in the industry as a licensed stylist for 4 years but has been around the the industry since he was little. Having a mother as a hair stylist it’s no wonder he would choose the same for himself. In his career the main focus was always to learn as much as possible and soon found out that teaching was the best way to master his art. This revelation is what fuels his passion and pushes him to keep moving forward. He now rents a studio to work on private clients and is currently working on an online stylist education program .

What you can expect to learn from the program?

The program covers the following:
  • How to market your salon
  • Client consultation
  • Color-matching
  • How to price the service
  • How to define hair usage
  • Hands-on installation training
  • Coloring, cutting, and blending techniques
  • Removal & reinstallation
  • After-Care
  • Ongoing support and assistance after class
Please be aware that the courses of different instructors may vary from each other.

Now sign up and start your journey to be a hand-tied extension expert! 

Sign Up Hands-on classes! 
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