What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?


Hand-tied extensions are taking the world of “good hair” by storm! Maybe it’s the thin wefts, which are practically undetectable when installed, or the variety of colors in which they come. Whatever the reason, hand-tied extensions have become a best-seller. Let’s break down what makes them so special.

What are hand-tied extensions?

As the name implies, hand-tied extensions are hair extensions that are crafted by hand. Because it takes time to carefully tie each weft, there are only 100 craftsmen in the world, making approximately 50 bundles per day. This makes Hairlaya the top shop for hand-tied extensions. 

How do you install them?

Unlike the typical double-weft bundles that you typically see advertised, hand-tied extensions have a thinner weft. This allows for a seamless appearance once installed. In addition, hand-tied wefts are typically installed using a braidless method, which enables them to lie much flatter against your natural hair. 

Due to their innate fragility, hand-tied wefts cannot be cut. If a weft is cut, the hair is likely to shed. Therefore, getting your hair installed by a professional is key.

What else should I know about them?

Our hand-tied extensions are 100% Remy hair. This means our hair extensions can be dyed and heat-styled, and can last two years or more with proper care. 

Depending on the length, you will receive anywhere from six to eight wefts per bundle. 12-inch bundles come with eight wefts, whereas 14-inch or longer bundles come with six wefts. They are the same weight (100g) per bundle; it’s the length that accounts for the difference in the number of wefts.

Why is Hairlaya the best?

At Hairlaya, we offer nine different colors for you to choose from. The colors range from natural black to platinum blonde, so you’ll be sure to find a color that matches your hair.

Hand-tied wefts are ideal for adding volume, length and improving the fullness of your natural hair. While there are many different methods to installation, using microbeads is the most common.

Have any questions about our hand-tied wefts? Feel free to give us a call at (866) 668-5292, or email contact@hairlaya.com. In addition, be sure to check our our Hand-Tied Weft Education Page!

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