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Why You Should Use Hand-Tied Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day


Most brides want to look both elegant with a touch of glamour on their wedding day. Hairlaya can give you just that!

Most brides want to look both elegant with a touch of glamour on their wedding day. Hairlaya can give you just that!

Hand-tied extensions are a perfect choice for the bride who wants to enhance her natural hair on her special day. Hairlaya hand-tied extensions are made of 100% remy hair, the highest quality human hair available. Whether you want thickness or length, hand-tied hair extensions at are the best choice available!

Hairlaya, the most comfortable hair extensions.

Add Volume

With exceptional quality, hand-tied hair extensions give your natural hair that boost you've been looking for. You can customize your desired volume by adding more or less wefts. Moreover, you can apply them exactly where you need more volume. Since they are installed close to your roots, the extensions can easily blend into your natural hair. Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions are professionally designed to transform your hair into your desired length and texture. Try high quality hand-tied hair extensions now.

Hairlaya, the most comfortable hair extensions.

Add Length

If you're looking to do an extravagant hairstyle and need that extra volume, Hairlaya is the right choice for you. Whatever length you desire, whether it be shoulder length or waist length, hand-tied hair extensions gives you the luxury of enhancing your gorgeous bridal look. These hand-tied hair extensions at  are available in different color and lengths.  

hese hand tied hair extensions at  are available in different lengths.

Free to choose any hairstyle you want

From classic, low chignon to vintage style curls, whatever you have decided for your wedding day, is not difficult to achieve. You can curl and blow dry your hair extensions just as your natural hair so you can rock any style that compliments your dream bridal look. No hairstyle is unreachable with hand tied extensions.  From buns to braids and twists to ponytails, hand-tied hair extensions can give you the freedom to decide what the best style is for your wedding day.

You can curl iron and blow dry your hair extensions

Cause zero damage to your natural hair

Don’t be afraid of trying hand-tied hair extensions on your wedding day. They are safe to use as there is no need for glue, tape and heat needed to apply them. Glue and sticky tapes can be harmful to your hair as the applying and removing process is prone to breakage of hair. Hand-tied hair extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, so they are free from allergens. Switch up your look; buy hand-tied extensions here

f 100% Remy human hair so they are free from allergens


Hand-tied hair extensions are trending due to their countless benefits. The best thing about these hand tied hair extensions is how natural they look and feel. You are just a click away from your dream hair! Hairlaya hand tied hair extensions are available in a wide variety of lengths and colors for your wedding day. Try our hand-tied extensions at

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