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Why Hairlaya?

Hairlaya means authenticity, it means transparency in the hair industry and it means that we want you to be the most confident person that you could possibly be when you are wearing our hair. We wanted to change the game by offering the most comfortable Remy, hand tied hair extensions that will not damage the hair if installed appropriately. Our factory is a family owned business, generation over generation and each hair is gently hand tied using 100% Remy hair with no synthetic materials or glue.

Why hand-tied Remy Human hair extensions?

Hand-Tied hair extensions are the most comfortable hair extensions.

Hand-tied extensions are a type of weft that is sewn by hand. Our hand-tied wefts are 100% Remy, silicone-free hair that is woven into one continuous thread. All hand tied wefts are individual pieces that will be in installed by your stylist, using the “natural beaded” method. They are ideal for all hair types.

With the finest craftsmanship and quality of hair, Hairlaya’s hand-tied luxury hair extensions are the most comfortable on the market.

What is the difference between "Remy" and "non-Remy" hair?

The major difference between Remy and other human hair is in the cuticles.

a. Remy hair is human hair that is collected from an individual source or donor. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction.
b. Non-Remy hair still may be 100% human hair, but in this case, the hair is collected in piles and, as a result, the cuticles are all misaligned — i.e. this hair can easily get tangled.


How do I take care of my hand tied extensions?

1. Use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
2. Use a hair mask once a week (or as necessary)
3. Use a heat protectant when heat styling hair

1. We recommend that you wash no more than twice a week
2. Brush hair with a wet brush to limit tangles before washing
3. When brushing, it’s best to start from the ends and work your way up to the root to avoid snagging and pulling of the extensions
4. Only use conditioner from mids, down to avoid loosening of the thread

1. Dry hair thoroughly
2. Avoid harsh towel-drying. Take a towel or cotton t-shirt and softly press at the scalp to absorb the excess water
3. Blow-dry on low heat. High heat can damage the integrity of the extensions

Daily Maintenance:
1. We recommend braiding the extensions or wearing it in a low pony to avoid knots/tangles
2. Do not go to bed with wet hair to preserve the integrity of the hair

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

No, you cannot immerse your hair into a pool due to the chemicals that are used to clean pools. and salt water can cause great damage to the hair, which will make the hair dry and knotted. We recommend braiding the hair for protection.

Can I tone my hair extensions?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I cut the weft of the hair?

No. These extensions are hand tied strand by strand so the hair will unravel. You can cut the actual hair, not the weft.


How many wefts come in a hand-tied bundle?

All packs come with 6 bundles.

How much does each hand-tied bundle weigh?

Each bundle weighs about 100 grams.

How many rows can I expect with X number of wefts?

Depending on the length. You can expect eight rows for lengths 8”-14” and six rows for 16”-24”.

How many bundles (packs of hair) do I need for a full head?

Most customers order at least two hand-tied bundles for a full head.

How are the wefts installed?

a. Most common method - Attach using microbeads, a clamp, clips and needle and thread (Braidless Sew-In).

b. Braid hair down and sew onto braid using needle and thread.

Can the wefts be heat-styled?

Yes! As long as the heat tools are used in moderation. Too much heat can damage the extensions.

How long do hand-tied hair extensions last?

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions typically last up to 6-8 weeks before needing a touch up.

They can be reused for six month or more (with proper care).


Are there any discounts for licensed stylist professionals?

Yes! We have a Stylist Pro Program which offers competitive discounts and commissions for licensed stylist pros. Join today and be part of our network.

What is Affiliate Program?

If you are a fashion or beauty content creator (or a socially influential hair stylist or makeup artist*), this is the program for you! 

• It’s free to participate and you will earn competitive commission of every full set sold. 
• You can request a new set of Hairlaya’s hand-tied extensions, for yourself or to gift, two times per year or every six months.
• You’ll have access to a personal partner dashboard, where you can track your commissions and get paid conveniently.
• Highest earning annual affiliate will have the opportunity for further sponsorships and promotional opportunities.

• You must have at least 2,000 followers on Instagram or Facebook.* 
• Your social content must be beauty-, fashion- or hair-related.
• You must have experience wearing and/or styling hair extensions.
• You must be following @lovehairlaya on Instagram.* 
• You can have a YouTube channel showcasing hair extension reviews and/or hairstyle tutorials. 


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