#24 Beige Blonde Hand-Tied Wefts Hair Extensions Double Drawn

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  • 100% Cuticle Human Hair 
  • Double Drawn 
  • Straight Texture
  • Length available in 18", 20" ,22" 
  • Full Pack:  8 Wefts,  Half Pack:  4 Wefts, Single Pack : 2 Wefts  
  • Weight: 18" - 120 g/pack , 20" - 132 g/pack , 22" - 144 g/pack  
  • Width 11" / weft 
  • 23 Top trending colors available 

High-Quality Hair:

Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions are made of 100% CUTICLE human hair with double drawn craft, which is the best hair quality you could find in the market.

Best Hand-tied Craftmanship:

We seek the best craftsmanship on weaving the wefts. Comparing to other hand-tied brands, Hairlaya's wefts are 50% thinner, which is much easier to conceal as they lie flat on your head.  


We recommend adjusting the extensions every 6-8 weeks for better results by upfitting with your natural hair. Our extensions can be reused up to 2 years with proper care.

Recommended Usage(Full head):   

Thin hair: 1 Full Pack
Medium Hair: 1.5 Full Packs
Thick Hair: 2 Full Packs

Application Time:

1.5 - 3 hours 

Hairlaya’s 90-Day Risk Free Warranty:

At Hairlaya, we are chasing the extreme quality of hair extensions, where our biggest confidence for the product are rooted. Therefore, 90-day warranty is offered on ALL Hairlaya's hair extensions.

*Please note that 90-day warranty only applies if hair is not bleached, colored or altered in anyway. Warranty is only applicable for factory defects. Hair must be returned for inspection.
**Note: Hand-Tied wefts CAN NOT be cut or the hair will unravel and shed over time.


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We are pleased to accommodate returns and exchanges within 30 days (weekends included) on all hair extensions if you're not satisfied. Read our return policy.
100% Cuticle Human Hair
Ship out in
24 hours
6 Month Warranty

Length Detail 


1、How do hand-tied extensions work?

2、Why hand-tied extensions over other types?

Hand-tied extensions require no tape, glue or heat, making them the least damaging to your hair. Hand-tied is a highly advanced installation method. Before booking appointments with your stylist, make sure he/she knows how to put them correctly on your hair.

3、How long do hand-tied extensions last?

Hair itself should last 12-24 months depending on if the hair is given proper care and maintenance. Going in every 6-8 weeks for regular maintenance to have the hair moved up will help prolong the life of the hair.

4、How often should I wash my hand-tied extensions?

To ensure the gloss of your hair, it is better to reduce the frequency of washing. Do not wash your hair every day. 2-3 times per week could be proper. Wearing a bath cap when taking a bath.

5、How to dry my hair?

DON’T rub your hair! Squeeze your hair and blot with a towel gently. Follow with brushing through with a wet brush / wide toothcomb.

6、Where does the hair come from?

Hairlaya hair is 100% Asian cuticle human hair.

7、Is it authentic human hair?

Our extensions are 100% cuticle human hair, which means the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction.

8、Can I swim with hand tied extensions?

Yes, we recommend you braid your hair and apply conditioner before swimming and shampoo hair immediately after swimming. Do not soak your hair in water for too long and dry them as soon as you get out of the pool or ocean.

9、Any products you recommend for the hair extensions care?

It is best to use dry shampoo, extension-friendly conditioner, and other hair products (paraben and sulfate free) when washing your hair.

An oil treatment or hair serum can be used on the mid-section to the ends for moisture.

Avoid using any oil based product at the root as it may affect the bond.

10、Can I color them?

Yes, but coloring hair extensions requires professional experience. It's better to follow a consultation with your stylist.

11、How can I sleep with my extensions?

Do not go to sleep with wet hair.

It’s recommended to braid your hair or put in a low bun for sleep. It’s better to sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep the hair smooth and maintain natural oils of the hair.


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