5 Hair Trends to Try This Spring


Spring ushers in a feeling of new beginnings, and what better way to have a fresh start than a new hairdo? There are usually a lot of ways to go about getting a new hairstyle, but we're going to talk about the five spring hairstyle trends that will be dominating this season from the sleek 1950’s wet look which is making a comeback, to adorned braids, and barrettes. 

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Now that you know that our spring sales are on, we can dive right into those trends that will have you looking star-studded and fabulous all through the springtime.

1. The Wet Look

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The first spring hairstyle trend is chic, shiny, and easy to achieve no matter your hair length. Even though the name implies “wet look,” it does not mean getting your hair soaked with water.  If anything, you will need less water to achieve this look; water is used mostly to help distribute the products evenly throughout your hair. 

What you do need, though, is alcohol-free hair gel in generous amounts to comb through from root to tip, a glossing spray, and hairspray to hold your hair together, they help give an illusion of wet hair than actual wet hair. 

How do you get the look? Lightly dampen your hair with some water, dripping wet hair will make the next step unable to accomplish, which is using the hair gel. The hair gel holds your hair together and helps in sculpting your hair to perfection, which is why you apply it generously to your hair, working it from root to tips diligently. 

The more the gel, the wetter the look. After this, brush your hair in the desired style you’re going for, it’s important to use the right type of comb/brush that will help you accomplish the desired look you’re going for, but we do recommend the Boar bristle brush.

After you’re done working it with your comb and hair gel, spritz on freeze spray for a shiny and sheen look, but be sure to hold it a few inches away from your hair and spray evenly throughout your hair. To end this process, use a hairspray to hold it all together; it helps with avoiding the need for touch-ups by keeping your style in place. After these steps, you’re good and ready to go!

2. Adorned Braids

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Having adorned braids gives you a sparkling look. You can wear them preferably on nights out, weddings or festive occasions. From beads to pearls, bows, and flowers, shiny braids to colored yarn strands, having your braids adorned, are a go-to this season. 

Getting the look is usually easy, especially if you are good at braiding your own hair. If not, you can always check out Hairlaya.com to get a professional stylist tip on how to get it done.

To get the look, you can gently weave the adornment of choice in your hair while braiding or through already braided hair. Embellish your hair with adornments this spring, don’t miss out on this trend!

3. Twisted Half Bun

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Some days, you really will have no idea on what to do with your hair, but luckily, this trend is easy and reliable, it gives you an effortless, laid back, but still chic look.

To achieve this look, separate the top section of your hair from temple to temple and tie it up in a bun. To get more volume and height, you can tug your ponytail. Divide the tied bun into two, twist and roll from your hairline to crown using pins to set and hold together. Coil loose hair around the base too, and use more pins if needed, and you are good to go. Easy breezy! 

4. Low Mini Bun

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To get the look, brush hair back and tie in a low ponytail before making a bun. Use pins around the bun to secure your hair, then spray with freeze spray to get the style to stay in place.

5. Barrettes

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Also known as hair clips; these are back and very trendy. The colorful, shiny, and decorative hair clips have recently been worn by our favorite celebrities on red carpet occasions, so you know its a go! 

This versatile trend screams nostalgia and is fun, affordable and flattering, but can also go wrong if not accessorized correctly. So how do you get the look? Some of the best advice we can give, is to play around with different types, but try not to over-accessorize.

How do you style barrettes on your hair? You can hold your hair back to give it a subtle but stylish look to your hair or to hold your curly, wavy, or voluminous hair; this adds a little extra to a very casual hairdo. They can be added for a dramatic look to your buns and ponytails; the bigger the barrette, the bigger the statement. For something more elegant and minimal, use simpler barrettes with decorative, detailed pearls or flowers, and they can also be used on scarves after tying your hair.

There are different ways to style your hair with barrettes, but whatever you do, be sure to have fun with it!


Like we said earlier, springtime is a great time to explore new hairdos, so remember to check out hairlaya.com to take advantage of our 10% off everything spring sale! These 5 hairstyle trends are definitely great to try out this season whether you’re trying to pull off a look from the 1950s to something simple and effortless or even a nostalgic look from your childhood memories, springtime is the right time! We hope this was useful in helping you pick out your new look for the season.

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