7 Stunning Summer Hairstyles You Could Achieve By Hand-tied Extensions

Summer is here! To make a refreshing hair look, you will fall in love with hand-tied extensions. Hand-tied is usually lighter than other types of hair extensions, with each weft being only 15 grams. Its installation requires no heating and no glue either. The gorgeous hair will be a highlight for your vacation, even more so against the sun, ocean, and beach. After all, when the sun’s shining, you don’t want to waste half your day doing your hair, so hair with more permanent volume and easy to do is a must. Here are some hairdos that are perfect for the summer season.

1. White Blonde Balayage.

The white-blonde balayage made with Hairlaya hand-tied extensions is a perfect summer hair choice. The sun will kiss your hair and make it shine. Together with your suntanned skin, you will be the hottest babe, and the most elegant Goddess is stealing the spotlight.
White Blonde Balayage

2. Beach Waves

If your hair is naturally wavy, be sure to embrace it this summer. A few hand-tied extensions added will help you achieve more voluminous hair without the sweat. Dial up your natural shape while keeping frizz at bay by adding a small amount of oil to damp hair before drying.
While beachy waves are nothing new, tons of new hacks mushroomed on short-video apps for getting texture without heat. Sleep in braids or wrapping your hair around a scarf, socks, or tights. This helps set your hair in the shape you want without any heat to damage your natural hair. When you get up the following day, remove the braids and add a bit of Hairspray for a little added volume.
beachy waves

3. Baby Braids

Multiple braids like Margot Robbie's, here, have a more '70s feel, or you can go for just one on each side for '90s vibes. The key to keeping it current is not too precious with style. To get a similar look at home, skip the hair ties, and saturate the end of your braids with hairspray. Clip the ends while the hairspray is drying, and then remove them right before you head out the door.
If you would like more volume, you can add in 1 or 2 wefts of hand-tied extensions, with a thin weft that won't show no matter how versatile you want it to be. Also, if you don't like the extension, you can always have it taken off partially or entirely anytime you want.
baby braids

4. Braided Crown

For an entire cottage core vibe, pair your dress with milkmaid braids for your socially distanced picnics. When you want your hair off your neck, add some waves to your hair before braiding. Not only will it give you a more boho look, but the texture will help support the style better. Make no mistake! You can use hand-tied extensions to make this hairdo because hand-tied ultra-thin wefts can easily be invisible. You make a braid and this crown and the elegant dress, a perfect style for dinner or any other momentous occasion.
Braided Crown

5. Simple Side Braid

Adding a simple side braid to loose hair can create a lovely, feminine touch. This style can work on all hair types but may take a couple of practice runs to get right. Just be sure to conceal any bobby pins used to secure the braid to ensure a clean look.
Simple Side Braid

6.  Sleek and Accessorized

Sweep long bangs back with a pretty jeweled clip or a hairband.
A sleek hair sweep is excellent for those hot summer days. Perfect for ladies with straight hair, this style shows off your naturally smooth strands. If you have thin or fine hair, add extra volume by adding some weft of hand-tied extensions and teasing your hair by pushing it higher with the hairband.
Sleek and Accessorized

7. Double-side braids

It makes you sparkle with youthfulness under the summer sun. The braids start seamlessly at the scalp and continue on the very ends. Because of this, they are much easier to remove and faster to install than other long braids. They also look super cute with a silk headband.
Double-side braids
Enjoyed this and found these hairstyles helpful and a source of inspiration for your summer? Learn more about Hairlaya's hand-tied extensions! 
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