Add Stunning Depth and Volume with Hairlaya Balayage Hair Extensions


Balayage hair has been a favorite of celebrities, influencers, colorists, and their fashion-conscious clientele for several years now, and for good reasons. 

Balayage hair looks fresh and youthful because it is designed to look natural and effortless. Most of the time, you can’t even tell that it has been dyed! This is because our own hair color gets lighter when repeatedly exposed to sunlight, with the ends being the lightest thanks to many years of sun exposure, and balayage recreates that look thanks to a free-hand painting process that results in soft natural highlights and even lighter ends. Basically, it intensifies the result of the natural lighting process of our hair.

A well-done balayage resembles sun-kissed hair thanks to the carefully chosen colors that are close to each other in shade and intensity but still different enough to give your mane a lively shine and rich depth. 

Balayage hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who want to try balayage hair but are not ready to commit. They are also a hit with women who already have a balayage ‘do and are just looking for a bit more length and volume. If you are a hairstylist who wants to surprise their clients with something that will solve all their hair problems - at least as far as color, length and volume are concerned – you already know that balayage hair extensions will do the trick. 

Hairlaya balayage hair extension case #6/60-B Back

This gal's hair was thin and damaged by a previous stylist. Hairlaya's hand-tied Extension Educator @Whitney Bays did a partial face-framing highlight and three rows of hand-tied Hairlaya extensions. Eight wefts of #6/60-B total.

Hairlaya offers three different shades of balayage hair that work with almost all-natural hair colors, from light to Dark:

Hairlaya Balayage Hair Extensions

1. #6/60-B Medium Brown/Ash Blonde 

Adding dimension to light hair means finding the delicate balance between creating lowlights in a shade that is too light and does not provide enough depth and exaggerating the contrast between the blonde base and the brown accents and making it look unnatural. Our medium brown/ash brown hand-tied extensions were designed for beautiful, extremely natural-looking locks with length and 3-dimensional volume. The result is a delightful variety of strawberry blonde, made for women who like to have fun with their looks.

2. #4/12-B Dark Brown/Dirty BlondeFor those looking for higher contrast, this fall-ready shade is an ideal choice for the colder months – an ode to falling leaves, shiny chestnuts, and hot cocoa. Use these to add warm blonde highlights to brown hair or depth and dimension to blonde locks.

 3. #1B/4-B Natural Black/Dark Brown   

These beautiful and rich black/dark brown wefts with chocolate highlights are perfect for all darker hair colors. They will save you the trouble of bleaching (and damaging) your own hair while also preventing any unsightly orange undertones that often result from lifting the color of your hair. 

The best thing is that you can use all three color combinations together to achieve an even more exciting 3D coloring. Experiment with mixing and matching them, and you might just come up with something completely unique! This is an excellent opportunity to unleash your creativity without any risk – after all, you do not need to dye your (or your client’s) hair! 

Check the following gorgeous look styled by Hairlaya's hand-tied Extension Educator @Whitney Bays by mixing Hairlaya's balayage hair extensions 1B/4-B and 4/12-B.

 If you are still not sure whether balayage hair extensions are worth it, here is a non-comprehensive list of reasons you might want to consider:

  1. Balayage hair is trendy. If being fashionable is important to you, you can’t go wrong with this style!
  2. Balayage hair extensions look flattering on everyone.
  3. There is no need to dye your own hair, so you can avoid damaging dyes and the often-necessary trial-and-error process of getting the color right. With Hairlaya balayage hair extensions, you can get the perfect color right away!
  4. They will add stunning color and significant volume and texture to your hair and make it look healthier.
  5. Balayage dyeing is expensive, and so is maintaining that perfect balayage effect with monthly touch-ups. Not to mention the damaging effect that would have on your hair.

Hairlaya extensions are made of 100% cuticle human hair, which is the best hair quality out there. But, when the beauty of your or your clients’ mane is at stake, you don’t want to go for cheaply made wefts!

When choosing your extensions, make sure you go with hand-tied extensions for a more natural look that minimizes damage to your own hair and makes the extensions so much easier to style.

We have now upgraded our color ring to include all the hair extension colors we offer for your convenience. It is an invaluable tool for colorists and people thinking about changing their hair color or getting hand-tied hair extensions. Seeing the color in real life will eliminate the guesswork by showing you exactly how it will look in the context of someone’s existing hair and facial features!

The new color ring features hand-tied wefts in 23 different colors, including rooted and balayage styles.

Click here to purchase the upgraded color ring!

Hairlaya color ring
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