Best Hand-Tied Weft Blends


We’re in the age and time where highlights, hair color and hair blends are popular. While many people still prefer one color for their hair, the average person has a natural blend of colors. In today’s blog, we’re giving you our favorite Hand-Tied Extension Blends!

  •  Night Lights:

  • In this style, we have a look for someone who has naturally dark hair, and just wants to add a little flair. For this style, you’ll need one bundle of our color #1B (Natural Black) and another bundle of out color #4. Have the #1B installed all over your head, then layer the #4 throughout. Likely, you’ll only need half of your #4 Hand-Tied extensions, but you may use more if that’s your fashion. There you have it, a cute, light to add to your darker hair!

  • Suggested Length: 20”-24”
  • Suggestd Color(s): #1B, #4
  • Suggested Number of Bundles: 2

  • A Slight Highlight:

  • This style is for those who aren’t yet ready to go full-on bold with their hair color. Just enough to spice up their normal day-to-day look will do. So, first up we have a natural brunette texture, which would be similar to Hairlaya’s color #4 (Dark Brown). To create the slight highlight,  add one or two wefts of color #6 (Medium Brown). Be sure to alternate your wefts: for this style, having one #6 weft at the bottom and another one towards the top. Now you have a slight, yet stunning highlight!

  • Suggested Length: 14”
  • Suggestd Color(s): #4, #6
  • Suggested Number of Bundles: 2

  • Ombre-Like Highlight: 
  • Our ombre-like highlight is great for those who enjoy subtle colors, but don’t necessarily want color all over their head. For this style, you’ll need one bundle of our color #2 (Darkest Brown) and another bundle of our color #8 (Dark Blonde). The #2 should be placed throughout your head, for a fuller look, to match your natural hair color.  Though you likely won’t need the full bundle of the #8, you’ll probably use at least half of it. Have #8 installed ONLY at the bottom half of your head. This will create the perfect ombre look.

  • Suggested Length: 14”
  • Suggested Color(s): #2, #8
  • Suggested Number of Bundles: 2

  • Classic Look:

  • We’ve all seen this look on someone, and it has been a classic, flawless look, everytime! This look is perfect for the woman who is a go-getter, not afraid of being bold and handling business. To get this look, you’ll need one bundle of our color #4 (Dark Brown), one bundle of #8 (Dark Blonde) and one bundle of our color #16 (Medium Blonde). These will be layered, and you’ll likely only need half of each bundle to achieve this look. However, the more wefts you add, the fuller your hair will be. Start with #16, then #8 and #4. Repeat this process at least three times for a full look. If more are needed, add more colors. When finished, you’ll be ready to take on the world, Boss Babe!

  • Suggested Length(s): 18”-22”
  • Suggested Color(s): #4, #8, #16
  • Suggested Number of Bundles: 3

  • Auburn, Is All:

  • Vibrant, beautiful, and most certainly a head-turner, this beautiful reddish-orange color is the perfect look for the summer/fall season. For this look, you’ll need one bundle of our color #30 (Medium Auburn). To spice it up a bit, add a bundle of color #6 (Medium Brown), or color #8 (Dark Blonde). Your Hand-Tied extensions in the color #30 will go all over your head, while you’ll likely only use one or two wefts from the other color. Be sure to space out the lighter color, that way your highlight will definitely pop, and the auburn color won’t be too overpowering. Now, stunt on ‘em!

  • Suggested Length(s): 16”
  • Suggested Color(s): #30, (#6, #8)
  • Suggested Number of Bundles: 1-3

  • Have some Hand-Tied extensions combos of your own? Share them with us on Instagram, or post a positive review!

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