Coloring with Hand-tied Extensions

When you color Hairlaya hand-tied extensions, it often helps blend the extensions with your natural hair. Below are the deets to know when it comes to coloring hand-tied extensions. 

Should I color my hand-tied extensions?

Getting your hand-tied extensions colored helps blend your natural hair with the extensions. Coloring will also help if you’re trying to create a specific look with the help of Hairlaya hand-tied extensions, such as an ombre. Your stylist will work with you to determine how much coloring you need. 

What kind of coloring is safe for hand-tied extensions?

Highlights, or root touch-ups, is perfectly safe option with hand-tied extensions. This is because they aren’t taking up your full head of hair, and cause minimal damage to hair. If you want all-over color, keep it within the same shade range as your extensions, or darker. This will prevent long-term damage to your Hairlaya extensions.

Should I bleach my hair with hand-tied extensions? 

Bleaching with your hand-tied extensions installed will damage the extensions and your natural hair. Bleaching will weaken the wefts of your extensions, the bonds between the extensions and your hair, and more. If you’re looking to lighten your hair, select Hairlaya hand-tied extensions in your desired color and your stylist will color to match the lighter color before installation. 

Can I bleach or color my hand-tied extensions at home?

It is not recommended to alter your hair color in any way at home. You invested in quality hand-tied extensions, reward that investment by leaving coloring to the professionals! Inexpensive bleaches and dyes will only harm your luxury hair.

How can I have fun with color with hand-tied extensions?

With Hairlaya’s 19 colors, possibilities are endless! You and your stylist can work together to use Hairlaya hand-tied extensions in new, interesting ways to contrast or blend with natural (and not-so-natural!) colors.  
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