Fall is finally here, and like the changing leaves, many are looking to change their hair colors. Today we will go over a variety of great extension colors that are sure to look fabulous this fall. It's true that everyone has a preferred style, and you can have whatever color extensions you like, but we found these to climb the ranks as fall favorites consistently.

Fall is a transitory season bringing about change, comfort, and a sense of coziness. Fall contains a variety of things, from sweaters and pumpkin spice to corn mazes and falling leaves and everything in between. Fall means something different to everyone, so scroll below and find the color that is calling your name!

1. Dark Brown/ Honey Blonde

Fall is in the air, and what better way to say it than with the stunning Dark Brown/ Honey Blonde extensions? This color perfectly encapsulates the lovely fall vibe with a warm, fun, and adorable color. Now you can look and feel your best while staying in season with the dark brown/ honey blonde extension. 

 2. Medium Auburn

Medium Auburn is a pleasant, warm, and welcoming color, helping make fall that much cozier. Now you can change with the weather and enjoy a fresh, new, and fun look you are sure to love. Medium Auburn is perfect for people wanting something unique, welcoming, and beautiful!

3. Medium Brown/Blonde

Fall means getting cozy, dressing up, and enjoying the look you love. Now you can stand out with your unique medium brown/blonde hair. This hair flows throughout the fall season, from falling leaves to the pumpkin patch and so much more! Showcase your best self this fall season with your new favorite extension color!

4. Medium Brown/ Ash Blonde

The Medium Brown/ Ash Blonde is perfect for people wanting something unique or to closely match their current hair color. You won’t see this color very often, but when you do, it is a definite showstopper. Talk to your stylist today about switching it up this fall with this awe-inspiring color.

5. Medium Brown

Medium brown is perfect for those wanting to be brunettes this fall! Many people love to turn to more natural colors during fall time, and a medium brown is a great option nearly everyone can pull off. Best of all, it looks good throughout all your fall activities, from cozy hot cocoa evenings to living life out and about.

6. Dark Brown/ Honey Blonde

Dark brown/honey blonde screams sweater weather! This hair color goes splendid with fall attire, helping you effortlessly wear and enjoy your favorite pieces. The color and texture flow well together, adding warmth and vibrancy so you can live your best life this fall. Stay fun and fashionable with dark brown/ honey blonde this fall.

7. Chestnut Brown

It's only fitting we have Chestnut Brown in with the fabulous fall color options. Chestnut Brown provides a great all-around look and flows for this fall season (and all the seasons). Now you can always look in place while still standing out in style with your luxurious hair.

Did you find the color you love? We are here to help whether you are a stylist or looking to add extensions this fall. One of the best things about extensions is how fun and versatile they are. Here at Hairlaya, we empower you with premier extensions that look and feel amazing and have the best warranty policy on the market.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask, as we love to help. You can find our complete collection of hair extensions here or see our latest blog posts here. Now is the time to find the extension you love and make this the best fall you've had.
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