Go Darker today: Age Lessened in a Snap? Darker Hair is the Secret!

Finding the right shade for your hair can be challenging for anyone. A properly trained professional stylist will always work with your skin tone to give you a color that complements your overall look, considering skin. Going too dark on fair skin tones can make you mature or age a bit more, and going too light on darker skin tones can also be aging. It's crucial to find a neutral and natural balance that'll keep you looking full of energy, thus feeling young and even sexier.
This piece guides you through the benefit of going darker. Dyeing your hair darker not only gives you a sense of mysteriousness but is also an excellent way to let your eyes stand out prettier. No matter your eye color, dark hair will complement your facial features, especially the eyes, and make them look bolder and sparkle.
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Even though darker hair tends to have high contrast with the complexion and is suitable for most skin tones, Hairlaya would like to help you avoid some common mistakes and find you the best shade. So read on to know when and how to go darker.

The Kind of Complexion that Goes Perfect with Dark Hair

Any complexion or skin color can pull off dark hair — if it’s the right shade. But getting the perfect shade for your complexion will be more challenging if you have fair skin. It’s just harder to pull off black hair with light skin. It can wash you out or bring out the redness in your face. So if you have acne or rosacea, you have to tread carefully when dyeing your hair black but lighter dark instead. Either see an experienced stylist who can get you a dark shade that will complement your skin or stick with a dark brown instead of a true black.
In contrast, if you have medium or darker skin, you can pull off dark and black hair much better. It will look fabulous even when you have the redness on your face or tiny blemishes everyone might have on a bad day.
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Make Your Hair Daker to Get Rid of the Lacklusterness

Overall, dark hair looks healthier.
Lighter hair colors tend to look less healthy and thin. When you add dark hair dye, this deposits color molecules in the hair shaft, which fattens up the strand just a bit. So dyeing hair dark can make it look thicker.
Besides, dark hair is more lustrous as it reflects lusterless better and appears youthful. So if you want thick, shiny, healthy-looking hair, dark may be the color for you.

Seasonal Preference for Darker Color

Also, darker hair goes the best with the spring, autumn, or winter season. Imagine a beautiful lady with voluminous black or brunette or balayage hair walks past some spring paleness, autumn bleakness, or winter snow as her black ground. Like you can see with a colder tone as their background, the darker hair looks much better: What a fairy!
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Go Darker with Hairlaya Extensions

With the same person, darker hair makes you look younger and better spirit, and full of vigor. So if you are unsure about which hair color to have with so many different combinations among Hairlaya's hair extensions, try out something darker or start with mild darker balayage. There could be a high chance your new look will give you a stunning look.
Hairlaya's top-quality hair extensions allow you to achieve all these perfect looks without damage to your original hair! Find an ideal certified professional stylist with high ratings around you now. Find Hairlaya Certified Stylists near you!
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