"Our hair becomes an extension of who we are as a people:" (Kimberly Morgan)
Most hairdressers deal with clients who have fine hair every day, and for this reason, it is essential to choose the best method of extensions for that particular type of hair.
Those who have fine hair need to regain self-confidence and improve the appearance of their hair, and it is essential to feel confident.Extensions come to the rescue of all customers who want greater length and volume !. A quick and effective solution.
This article will help you understand which type of extension to choose without damaging natural hair and how to take care of fine hair for an outstanding result!
Remember that the happy customer will always come back :).


We can say that there are three different types of hair thickness: fine, medium, and coarse.
People with fine hair are those who have each strand of hair smaller than normal in diameter and thickness.
What are the main features of fine hair?
They are much more flexible and shiny than the other two types.
They are more fragile and lighter and tend to break more easily.
The following chart will give you a clear idea of ​​how hair characteristics can define your client's hair type.
Types of hair (Image courtesy of confessionsofacosmetologist.com)


Hand-tied hair extension is considered to be one of the best hair extensions for fine hair.
Why is hand-tied hair extension the best choice? 
The reason is that hand-tied hair extensions are the most invisible hair extensions because the texture of the wefts is very thin, and no heat or glue is used. 
How do hand-tied extensions work? 
They put a silicone bead base on your client's natural hair and then sew the hand-tied wefts onto the bead base to firmly attach the hand-tied weft to her natural hair. The hair extensions are sewn into your natural hair, which is braided into a braid that covers the entire head, and the hair wefts are sewn into the braided rows.
Clients with fine hair tend to have brittle hair. Hence, adding length and volume at the same time puts too much stress on the hair, leading to hair loss in many cases.
Conversely, you can add enough volume to the lengths to make the hair extensions look thick and natural without the bonds showing through the client's fine hair. So, if you have a client with fine hair, your best bet is to focus on improving the look of her hair by giving it more volume as an additional length.
In a real case: Add volume with Hairlaya hand-tied textures for fine hair. The result is a fabulous natural hair look!
Hairdresser: @megan_ochsner


When suggesting a daily hair care routine to your clients, be sure to recommend the right products and highly suggest avoiding damaging their hair in the shower.

After a shower, it is important to remember that hair is much more prone to break when wet, especially fine hair! Here are some tips to keep in mind if they have fine hair:

1 - Wash the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner specially designed for fine hair.

2 - Dab the moisture from the hair with a towel instead of rubbing it vigorously.

3 - If time permits, let the hair air dry to avoid heat damage.

4 - Avoid brushing the hair while they are wet.


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