How To Color Match Hybrid Weft Extensions To Balayage And Rooted Ombre


Are you excited about the latest trends for Balayage and Rooted Ombre to match hair colors? Keeping up with the ever-changing look can be difficult, especially if you plan on dying your hair. Dyeing your hair can damage it in several ways, including making it brittle, weaker, etc. 

Fortunately, there is an attractive solution to help you get the desired color and look you love without causing any damage. Better yet, this solution will make your hair look better than ever! Hairlaya Hybrid extensions are the best way to achieve this look without causing damage or strain to your hair! Hybrid extensions will also:

-Increase length and/or volume 
-Decrease and fill in thinning areas 
-Revive your natural hair color without damage 
-Alter your hair without worry or commitment 
-Alter and change color or dimension 
-Create a seamless, voluminous look

Reasons To Use Hybrid Extensions For Balayage Or Rooted Ombre 

Extensions Are Hair-Friendly 

Leave harsh chemicals and bleach behind and enjoy a hair friendly-solution. Hybrid extensions do not pull or rip hair and evenly distribute the weight to protect your hair further. In addition, hybrid extensions do not use excess heat, further promoting their hair-friendly properties.  

Extensions Add Dimension And Depth 

Extensions provide more than color; they add depth and dimension to your hair. Hybrid extensions are one of the fastest ways to stand out and look your best instantly. In addition, these extensions come pre-blended so your stylist can create a seamless look. 

Balayage And Rooted Ombre Work Well With Many Hair Colors 

Do you have a favorite hair color and want to add new ones? Hybrid extensions can easily be incorporated to further your current look, making them an excellent option for someone who wants a little extra. But, of course, working with your stylist is the best way to create your ideal look. 

Balayage And Rooted Ombre

Achieving Your Desired Look 

Your current root color and length will determine what solution you should lean towards between solid, rooted ombre or Balayage extensions. The best way to achieve your look is to work directly with your stylist to see what they think will work best. Here are a few helpful questions. 

Does your hair color transition begin 1-2 inches down?

If yes, then this is an excellent choice for Rooted Ombre.

Are you looking for more natural, seamless-looking hair?

Balayage will be a great option. 

Do you want to increase highlights?

Balayage is a great option to add dimension seamlessly. 

Color Matching For Pre-Existing Highlights 

Highlights create unique circumstances, making using two or more extensions a great option. The exact tones don't have to be perfect, as your stylist can help tone and blend the extensions unit they look the way you want them. 

How To Use Balayage Wefts For Natural-Looking Highlights

Below is an example of Balayage Wefts being used to create dimension, depth, and highlights while saying natural and seamless. 

Why Hybrid Wefts Are The Way To Go

There are many extension options, but the stylist prefers hybrid wefts. Hybrid wefts are the perfect combination of machine-bonded (machine sewn) and hand-tied, so they look great and can be cut without unraveling. Now you can enjoy the many benefits of both extensions in one beautiful hybrid weft. Hybrid wefts are also incredibly hair-friendly as they do not use excessive heat or adhesives. You can read our blog for more information about hybrid wefts.  

Get Started Today 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or find a certified stylist near you with our Stylist Locator. You can also talk with your stylist and devise a plan to match colors with Balayage or Rooted Ombre. In the meantime, you can find our complete collection here. 

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