How To Handle Hair Loss And Thinning Hair: Proven Extension Solutions


Are you worried about hair loss and thinning hair? Maybe you find yourself carefully examining your hair in the mirror, searching for options? Don’t worry; not only are you not alone, but there are also wonderful solutions to help your image and confidence. 

Hair loss and thinning are typical experiences for most people, and many factors are at play. In fact, even women in their 20’s and 30’s can experience hair loss and thinness. These can be things like aging, stress, vitamin deficiency, post-pregnancy hormones, alopecia, and a myriad of reasons. 

Hair loss

Regular Shedding Or Hair Loss And Thinning 

The first thing you want to establish is if you are experiencing regular shedding or real hair loss and thinning. Shedding is a natural occurrence, and the average person loses around 50-100 hairs daily. If you are experiencing hair loss of more than 125 hairs per day, then you are more likely to see thinning areas, patches, smaller ponytails and excess hair on your pillowcase, etc. 

What Should You Do When You Experience Hair Loss Or Thinning? 

Once you establish hair loss or thinning is happening, the next step is to consult with a medical professional. They might be able to determine what is causing the hair loss and solutions to minimize or even improve your hair. The sooner you meet with healthcare professionals, the better it will be for your hair. 

Solutions For Hair Loss And Thinning 

Hair loss and thinning are very complex subjects, and many women want solutions that can quickly help their current situation. One of the best and most proven solutions is hair extensions. However, many types of hair extensions and the wrong ones can worsen your situation. We are here to go over safe, effective, hair-friendly solutions that look and feel great. 

What Extensions To Avoid:

Thinning and damaged hair is vulnerable, so you need to avoid extensions that can create more damage. The first thing you want to avoid is any extension that uses excess heat, chemicals, or adhesives in the installation process. Many traditional extensions utilize these methods resulting in more damage and making the situation worse. Excess heat, chemicals, and adhesives damage the hair in different ways and should be avoided at all costs. 

Another extension you should avoid is clip-in extensions. Many people falsely assume this will be a good option as they are quick and easy with no installation process. However, clip-ins are notorious for causing excess strain and pulling on already vulnerable hair resulting in damage, loss, and breakage. 

On the same note, you want to avoid any extensions that do not dissipate and evenly spread the weight of the extensions. Heavy extensions with few attachment points are a disaster waiting to happen. While this sounds like a lot to avoid, there are wonderful, affordable, and beautiful extensions that work wonders for hair loss and thin hair. 

Hairlaya Extension Solutions

If you struggle with hair loss or thinning hair, we recommend two great, hair-friendly options, which are the Hybrid Wefts and Hand-Tied Wefts. Both of these extensions offer a hair-friendly installation with no excess heat, chemicals, or adhesives. This means your natural hair improves in quality and health while you enjoy instant volume and length. 

Both of these extension methods also reduce the weight and impact by spreading it throughout your whole head rather than having minimal attachment points. Not only is this better for your hair, but it creates a natural, seamless look you are sure to love. 

Temporary Or Extended Support 

As we discussed earlier, hair loss is a complex topic, and every situation is unique. Some people might need a temporary solution, while others are looking for long-term support. Both the Hybrid Extensions and Hand-tied extensions last up to two years with regular maintenance every 6-8 weeks, making them great for the short or long term. 

Instantly Add Volume Or Length 

Now you can look and feel your best anytime, anywhere with Hybrid and Hand-tied extensions. These extensions are designed to empower you with the hair you love so you can look and style it how you please. 

For maximum flexibility and results, we recommend the Hybrid extensions as they offer all the great benefits of Hand-tied extensions with the added benefits of minimal shedding and the ability to be cut without unraveling. 

Gain The Confidence You Deserve 

Hair plays a vital role in how we look and how we feel. Now you can look and feel your best with Hairlaya Hybrid extensions. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out or find your favorite Hybrid extension here 

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