Maintaining Hairlaya Hand-Tied Extensions

So, you’ve invested in Hairlaya’s hand-tied extensions! Getting routine maintenance keeps your Hairlaya extensions feeling and looking luxurious. Here are the deets on hand-tied maintenance.

What does “maintenance” mean for hand-tied extensions?

Maintenance refers to having the beads of your hand-tied extensions moved up your scalp. Because of your natural hair growth, your beads are moved down from the roots and must be moved back up. 

Why is maintenance important for hand-tied extensions?

Maintenance extends the life of the extensions and prevents damage to the extensions and your natural hair. Your hair growing pushes the extensions down, which can lead to damage to the extensions and your natural hair. Moving the beads up also prevents headaches and discomfort from grown-out extensions. 

How often do I need to maintain my hand-tied extensions?

It depends on you! If your hair grows quickly, you’ll likely need to get maintenance every six weeks. If your hair grows slowly, you can go eight weeks, and sometimes even ten weeks without needing your beads moved up. Your stylist will be able to give you an estimate when you need to come in next. 

How much does maintenance for hand-tied extensions cost? 


Since maintenance isn’t a full reinstallation, you won’t be paying for reinstallation. Maintenance will usually cost between $100 and $300, depending on your stylist. It also isn’t as long of a session as installation, usually lasting an hour versus three hours or more. 

What are other ways to prolong the life of my hand-tied extensions?

It is important to use the right products for your hand-tied extensions. Using sulfate-free products, and products without heavy oils will prevent damage to your beads and prevent dryness or oiliness. Using a silk pillowcase or sleeping in a protective style is also key to preventing your beads being caught or tangled during your sweet dreams! If you’d like more information on products, check out our other blogs for recommendations and tips! 
Reach out to our local Dallas team if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Reach us at (866) 668.5292 or
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