Summer Care for Hand-tied Extensions

Summertime is right around the corner and when the heat arrives, it can present challenges with pools, over-washing hair and the Hairlaya team wants you to be prepared to when it comes to taking care of your hand-tied extensions. It is important to take proper care of your extensions so they last the full 12 months. Below are several tips on how to care for and style your Hairlaya extensions during the summer.

How do I protect my hair extensions from the sun?

Staying out of the sun is good not only for your hair, but for your scalp and skin! If you’re going to be out in the sun, it is beneficial to wear a hat that covers your head and shoulders. Spraying your hair with your preferred oil-free heat protectant (avoiding your extension weft/bond) is also a good idea for full protection. 

How do I protect my hair extensions while swimming? 

Swimming at your local pools or beaches is refreshing, but it can make your hair parched! Chlorine and saltwater can be very damaging to the weft/bonds of your hand-tied extensions. If you’re going to go swimming, it is important to wear a swim cap. You can also dry your hair immediately after swimming. One hairstylist insider tip is to soak your hair and add conditioner before you swim. The hair is like a sponge, and if it’s already full of water and conditioner, it will absorb less chlorine or saltwater! 

What are good summer styles for hair extensions? 

Hats and headbands are your best friend! Any hairstyle can be improved with the addition of a cute brimmed hat, or sparkly headband. Another trendy option is to tie a soft bandana or scarf around your head for a classic, vintage look. Loose braids are always in for the summer, and aren’t risky for your extensions! Any style that avoids strain on your scalp and bonds is a good idea for the summer. 
Hairlaya has an amazing Dallas-based team of beauty and hair experts, waiting and ready to help you with anything you need. We are a small team and happy to help you! 
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