Hair extensions are rapidly growing in popularity, and why wouldn't they? They are a fast and convenient way to add length and volume so you can enjoy the look and style you love. However, not all hair extensions are the same, and some are much more popular than others, as you will see below. 

But just because some are popular doesn't always make them better. Today we will go over the four most popular hair extension methods, how they rank against one another and when they should be used. If you are interested in hair extensions, be sure to read below and find out which method is suitable for you. 

Different Types Of Hair Extensions 

1. The Clip-In Extension

The most widely recognized and used extension method are clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions are a fast, easy and affordable method but come with serious drawbacks when overused. 

Clip-in extensions

What Are Clip-In Extensions? 

Just as the name suggests, clip-in extensions clip indirectly into the hair. Clip-in extensions are best utilized for one-off events and special occasions rather than for frequent use. Clip-in extensions are only meant to be worn for a short time, or they will begin to damage the natural hair.  

How Long Do Clip-In Extensions Last? 

Clip-in extensions are designed to be used temporarily and provide the lowest duration of hair extensions. However, they are suitable for special events as they come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and much more.  

Clip-in Extensions Pros And Cons  

The benefit of clip-in extensions is that they do not need to be installed by a stylist, can quickly be purchased and worn, and come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are great for special events and infrequent use when you want a different look. 

The downsides are they are not meant to be worn long-term, they can cause damage to hair if worn too long, and they can move out of place, looking unnatural. 

Clip-in extensions are generally more affordable as they do not require professional installation and are not as customized to the wearer. 

2. Tape-In Extensions 

Tape-in extensions are another popular method that connects the hair between two adhesives. Tape-in extensions are quick and fast, helping people get on their way while looking great. 

What Are Tape-In Extensions?

Tape-in extensions are wefts attached to two pieces of adhesives which will tape directly to the hair. The application takes 90 minutes and can add length and volume to the hair. Tape-in extensions can be used multiple times, making them a great option. 

Tape-in extensions

How Long Do Tape-In Extensions Last? 

Tape-in extensions last about six-eight weeks, making them a great semi-permanent option for vacations, ceremonies, and upcoming events. A bonus is that extensions can be worn more than once, but you need to see a stylist. 

Tape-In Extension Pros And Cons 

Tape-in extensions are the best option for shorter durations as they are fast, affordable, and easy to install. If you do not plan on wearing extensions for an extended time, tape-in extensions deliver everything you are looking for, such as volume, length, natural appearance, and more. 

The downside of tape-in extensions is that they use adhesives and only last six to eight weeks. If you are looking to wear extensions longer, there are better options. 

3. Hand-Tied Extensions 

Hand-tied extensions are the premier extension choice for a myriad of reasons. Hand-tied extensions are the best long-term option providing convenient, comfortable, and stunning aesthetics. 

What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are highly tailored sew-in extensions using no adhesive or heat. The advanced technology, paired with talented stylists, delivers unbeatable results for a beautiful, seamless look. 

Hand-tied weft

How Long Do Hand-tied Extensions Last?

Hand-tied extensions are designed with the long-term in mind lasting to months. They require routine maintenance every six to eight weeks and have a longer installation process, but the result is well worth it.  

Hand-Tied Extensions Pros And Cons 

Hand-tied extensions are one of the best, if not the best, extension options. Very few extension methods can rival due to the aesthetics, longevity, comfort, convenience, and more. This is perfect for anyone who wants a long-term solution they can treat just like their natural hair. 

The downside of hand-tied extensions is they require a talented stylist, are more expensive, and take longer to install. However, the downsides are completely outweighed by the positive aspects. 

4. Hybrid Extensions

This one might surprise you; in fact, many people have yet to hear about them, but Hybrid Wefts are hitting the scene like fire. These newly advanced wefts are here to stay and be a significant player in the extension industry. 

What Are Hybrid Wefts?

Hybrid wefts follow in the footsteps of hand-tied extensions but offer the ability to be cut without raveling. These are the most advanced extensions on the market and offer a variety of benefits, as you will see below. 

How Long Do Hybrid Extensions Last? 

Like hand-tied, they require routine maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Due to the minimal shedding and ability to be cut, some people opt for these so they can change the length and style of their hair. 

Hybrid Extensions Pros And Cons?

Hybrid extensions provide comfort, convenience, aesthetics, and longevity in one beautiful piece. They are a new method but quickly proving themselves and will soon be an industry standard. 

The downsides are that they are more expensive and take longer to install than other methods such as the tape-in.  

Find The Extensions Right For You

Now you know about the latest in the extension industry. The best way to learn what extension is right for you is to talk to an experienced stylist and see their recommendation. You can find Hairlaya-approved stylists on our Stylist Locator if you have any questions feel free to reach out or check out our blog to learn more about hair extensions. 

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