With so many extensions on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is right. Today we will go over three highly popular weft extensions so you can learn the differences, understand the pros and cons and find out which hair extension suits your situation. All three of these extensions are excellent options and serve their role, but they carry unique differences that you might prefer/dislike.

Our goal at Hairlaya is to empower you with premium extensions and provide knowledge and insight so you can make the best decisions regarding hair extensions. Today we will be going over machine-bonded wefts, hand-tied wefts, and hybrid wefts to provide maximum clarity and eliminate confusion.

Machine-Bonded Wefts

Machine-bonded extensions are one of the original extension methods going back over a decade ago. As the name implies, machine bonded wefts are sewn together by a machine and are bulkier and heavier than more advanced extension methods. While they are older, there are a few key benefits they provide.

machine weft




Since they are machine-sewn, machine-bonded wefts are generally less expensive than hand-tied and hybrid extensions. So if someone is looking to stay within a specific budget, machine-bonded wefts might be the way to go while still providing quality looks and feel.

Ability To Be Cut

Unlike hand-tied wefts, machine-bonded wefts can be cut without raveling. This allows people to get the style they love when they want. Not having this ability minimizes options and styles and prevents people from getting the look they might wish.


Machine-bonded wefts are often thicker and heavier, making them a durable option. While durability is not a typical factor when it comes to hair extensions, there are definitely circumstances where durability is a tremendous bonus.


Due to the popularity and duration, machine-bounded wefts offer great familiarity and convince stylists and consumers. Many stylists will be able to install machine-bonded wefts, especially compared to hand-tied extensions, which require a specific skill set. Finding a stylist who provides machine-bonded extensions should be an easy task.


Heavy & Cumbersome

The added weight can make machine-bonded extensions feel heavy and cumbersome, which can become a serious strain over time. No one wants to feel like they are being held down or forced to carry excess weight, so this can become a problem.

Less Aesthetic Than Industry Leaders

Since machine-bonded extensions use outdated technology and are done by machine, they are not as seamless and natural as something like a hand-tied or hybrid extension. While many machine-bonded wefts look great, someone who is looking for the most discreet, natural, and appealing extensions should seek another option, like hybrid wefts.

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand-tied wefts are a tried and true fan favorite providing many wonderful benefits. Hand-tied wefts are sewn by hand, providing a natural, seamless and stunning aesthetic. Hand-tied wefts are thinner, lighter, and more discreet, mainly going unnoticed except for their added beauty. Below is a list of hand-tied pros and cons.

hand-tied wefts


Positive Hair Health

Hand-tied wefts do not use heat, adhesives, or chemicals, making them an incredibly hair-safe option. The lightweight design disperses the weight throughout the hair, further improving hair health and minimizing hair strain and stress.

Natural Seemless Look

Hand-tied extensions provide an incredibly natural and seamless look due to the lightweight design laying flush with your natural hair. They provide complete peace of mind knowing your extensions look in place.

Discreet And Under The Radar

Since hand-tied wefts look so well, they naturally fall under the radar and are one of the most discreet options available today. Wearers concerned with looks and image should consider hand-tied wefts so they have the confidence to wear extensions proudly.

Comfortable And Convenient

Hand-tied wefts are incredibly comfortable, and their presence will go unnoticed even by wearers. Hand-tied wefts also provide extreme longevity, lasting up to 2 years, so you can truly get your money's worth. Last but not least, hand-tied wefts can essentially be treated like your own hair making them hassle-free.


Long-Installation process

Because hand-tied wefts are sewn individually by hand, the installation process can take much longer, often between the 2-4 hour mark. It can be difficult to find time off, leading to postpones and no extensions. However, once they are installed, the maintenance is only done every six weeks, making them incredibly easy to use.

Unraveled When Cut

Hand-tied wefts cannot be cut without raveling or coming apart. The unraveling factor prevents people from cutting their hair and getting the exact style they want at that moment.

Hybrid Weft Extensions

Hybrid weft extensions are the newest of the three and the most advanced extension on the market. Hybrid extensions are a combination of hand-tied wefts and machine bonded installation. This means they offer the amazing benefits of hand-tied wefts while being able to be cut without unraveling.

hybrid wefts


Perfect Blend

Hybrid extensions offer the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, comfort, convenience, longevity, and everything else you'd want in an extension. Many stylists view hybrid extensions as the do-all piece.

All The Hand-tied Pros

The hybrid extension provides all the benefits of hand-tied extensions, including comfort, convenience, aesthetic appeal, longevity, natural seamless look, and more. The hybrid extension  builds off of the hand-tied extension for an amazing end product.

Ability To Be Cut Without Unraveling

Unlike hand-tied extensions, hybrid wefts can be cut without unraveling. This opens a new world of possibilities allowing wearers to switch up their hair and get the sole they want when they want.


Fewer Installation Options

Hybrid extensions are the newest on the list, which means they have the least familiarity. Your stylist might not be familiar with hybrid extensions forcing you to go somewhere else. Another great option is to search our Hairlaya Stylist Locator to find a stylist near you.


As you can see, all the above are great options, but hybrid wefts take the lead in overall quality and versatility. It is best to consult with your taxidermist to find out what option is most suitable for you. Reach out to us with questions, or check out our blog for more useful hair extension information.
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