When you are looking into the hand-tied extensions and considering finding someone to do it for you, the first question that comes into your mind could be: How much hair do I need for hand-tied extensions? The usage of the hair extensions would decide how much you spend on your installation and if you will commit to your hair goal. 
To get clear this question, it is on your natural hair's density and the final result you want to achieve. So let's figure it out!

How to tell your hair density

What is hair density? Simply put, hair density is the number of individual strands per square inch on your scalp. Hair thickness refers to the width of a single strand of hair, while density looks at how thin or thick strands are collectively in a group. So that someone can have fine hair that's also very dense. Alternatively, a person can also have thick hair that is not dense.
To a large extent, your hair density decides the packs' quantity that suits you most. Finding out your hair's density, take a front section of your hair and pull it to the side. If you can visibly see areas of your scalp underneath or through the hair, then your hair is thin. If you barely see your scalp at all, your hair is thick. If it's somewhere in-between, then your hair has a medium density.
hair density

Hair usage for different hair density

Firstly, let look at the weight of Hairlaya's hand-tied hair extension
Full pack (8 wefts ) : 18" - 120 g/pack , 20" - 132 g/pack , 22" - 144 g/pack.
Half pack ( 4 wefts ) : 18" - 60g/pack , 20" - 66 g/pack , 22" - 72 g/pack
Single pack ( 2 wefts) : 18" - 30g/pack , 20" - 33 g/pack , 22" - 36 g/pack
 Hairlaya hand-tied extensions
For adding volume, usually for a full head of hair, there will be needing sew-in three rows, 1-4 wefts per row.  
Suppose you have thin hair: 1-2 wefts for each row. So, therefore, there should be 3-6 wefts for a full head installation, then you will need one-half pack and one single pack.
If you have medium hair: You can add more volume to the middle row. 6-10 个wefts normally. If you want an even better result and get gorgeous-looking balayage hair, you can add more depending on the specific needs. One full pack to one full pack with one-half pack could get you a fantastic hair look.
If you have thick hair: You can buy 2 Packs because thick hair has a lot of room to support the extra weight. So you can be accessible in your choice and get big voluminous, beautiful Instagram-style look hair that wows everyone. 

Your natural hair length and your expectations matters

If you would like to go just for thickness and you wouldn't need it any longer. You want to create volume, then 1/2 head which is about six extensions wefts, is enough to achieve that look.
If you would like to go slightly longer and get it 3 to 4 inches longer than your own hair, put 3/4 head of extensions and achieve perfect length and volume. That's about nine hair extensions weft if you decide to go long, and that's also possible. 
That's how to determine how many hair extensions are needed before you buy. So start the extension journey to look gorgeous here: Find a qualified stylist to do your hair via Hairlaya salon locator.
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