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Hairlaya Hand Tied Course

The Hairlaya Course Program is designed to be a creative and valuable experience for our stylist pro network to further their education

Why Should I Join

Why Should I Join

  • Hand-tied Certification Kit valued over $1000
  • Learn everything from installation to maintenance & removal
  • An hour consultation with instructor on a select date after class
  • Social media templates
  • Top notch support from our local team
  • Ability to break down payments on the class through Sezzle

Key Course Takeaways

  • You will be able to install, remove, and move up hand tied extensions.
  • Learn how to customize the extensions to the clients head and achieve the desired look.
  • Learn how to Price your Hand-Tied service and advertise your service.
  • Learn how to color match and mix different extension colors to create dimension.
  • Learn how to blend the extensions for a seamless look, while still being comfortable and keeping the health of the hair & scalp intact.
  • The ability to coach clients on proper care and maintenance of the hand-tied extensions.
  • Learn product care and which products will work best for hand-tied extensions.

Meet Our Instructor

Karri Lee Graves

Stylist Pro Educator
Experience in the Beauty Industry: 30+ years.
"I have owned other businesses, but my dream has always been to open a salon. I have a great passion for helping people be successful in this industry. We have an exciting career where we can be creative and help people feel great about how they look."

What You Will Receive

hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
hairlay course toolkit
  • Full Service Hand-Tied Certification Course
  • Single Weft Hand-Tied Extensions 12"
  • Hairlaya Color Ring
  • Hairlaya Professional Hand-Tied Toolkit
    2mm silicone beads - 250pcs per color, 4 colors
    Sewing Scissors Flat clamp Plier
    Beading Plier (Removal)
    Sewing Threads - 4 colors
    3 Extension curved sewing needles
    5 small single prong hair clips
    Sewing Scissors
    Rat Tail Comb
  • Hairlaya Professional Stylist Tool Case
  • Social Media Templates
  • $20 credit towards your first Hairlaya Purchase + 18% off Your first Stylist Pro order
  • Salon Locator Listing
Total Value: $1378

Why Hairlaya Course

The most professional hand-tied hair extensions course.
Knowledgable instructors, informative videos and a support system of amazing beauty-minded people have created this course.
The instructor’s 30 years of experience
An instructor with this much experience will pass on her experience to you, and give you the knowledge you need to be successful with hand-tied extensions.
Chance of being our instructor in your area
Being a Hairlaya instructor in your area gives you exposure, more clients, and more money!
Access to the highest quality hair extensions in the industry.
Hairlaya has 100% Remy human hair extensions, made by hand to be comfortable, luxurious and natural-looking.
Free shipping on the Hairlaya Hand-Tied Toolkit and all orders
Free, fast shipping gets the necessary tools to you at no extra cost.
Stylist Pro Program
A program designed for our stylist network that provides exposure with the Hairlaya salon locator, hand-tied education classes, discounts on all purchases, social media features and a dedicated account manager.

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