Hair extensions are such a fantastic way to add volume and length to anyone who has thin hair! Did you know that "what are the hair extension tips for fine hair" is the number one asked question about hair extensions on Google? If you're trying to grow your natural hair, hair extensions are a perfect solution. 
The Hairlaya team has seen many clients with thin hair who struggle to get the perfect hair. Sometimes they could get breakages wearing hair extensions. But utilizing these tips has helped them minimize the damage to their hair, especially when they wear hair extensions almost every day.
Hair Extension Tips for THIN/FINE Hair
So today, we want to provide some tips and tricks on how to choose the right set of extensions for your hair, and then the last half is going to recommend you the best hair extensions for fine and thin hair.

The 5 Hair Extension Tips for Thin/Fine Hair

Hair extensions should be a solution for fine hair. Not a cause of fine hair!
Here's the deal: Your Hair is already fragile and delicate. The last thing you want to do is wear extensions, known to cause further hair loss and breakage.
Otherwise, you'll be causing more hair problems rather than solving them.

1. Make sure your extensions don't cause hair damage

With thin and fine hair, the most significant issues that can arise while purchasing a set of hair extensions are the following two things: sometimes the extensions can be way too heavy for the person's hair. What can happen is they can put too much stress on your natural hair and cause your hair to break, which is what we don't want to happen. The second thing that can happen is the weft can show through your hair quite prominently!
Tricks on what you can do to avoid these two things from happening? Read on. 

2. Opt for extensions that you can hide well

It is trickier with fine hair, but some extensions are better than others when it comes to invisibility.
Clip-ins, for example, can get a little chunky, making it more difficult to disguise them with thin hair.
Now it's totally up to you what you want to get recommendations as to what would be a perfect suitable match for center Hair.
If you have fine hair with good volume and your hair can handle a sicker set of extensions, this is a huge tip for you to make sure the extensions aren't going to weigh too heavy on your hair. You can get a more severe hair extension and get your hairdresser to do a technique called feathering at the end of the extension, a method where you remove the bulkiness in the hair extensions if it's too heavy. This hair technique would be great, and that way, when you install the complete set of extensions. There's not a lot of weight pulling down on your thin hair. So that's another strategy that you can use to get the more extensive sets of extensions, but it just removes some of the weight. It will be elaborated on in the later section regarding extension types' choosing.

3. 100% Cuticle hair extensions are the best for blending

This tip works for anyone looking to buy hair extensions. It's best to opt for hair extensions made with natural human cuticle hair.
You want your extensions to look realistic and natural when combined with your real hair.And you also want to be able to treat your extensions like your natural hair. With cuticle hair extensions, you can use heat styling tools just as you would style your own hair. This is just one of many reasons why you should invest in good quality hair extensions.
Hairlaya recommends using a volumizing powder. What's so important about the volume is getting your natural hair to match the extension, so this is an essential part of helping out anyone with thin hair, so I'm just going to go ahead and add some volumizing powder.
You can take small sections of your hair and add the powder to it, or you can add it to the top, whatever you're comfortable with. So you see already how to volumize your hair is just adding that little bit of powder. What it does is it stays up on its own. It works well, so what you want to do is backcomb the top section of your hair right here. So stick your comb in and section out that piece of hair, then take your comb and push the hair back. So go underneath this section of hair and pull it down. Take the other quarter just underneath and backcomb that as well you. So now we're adding volume at the back. So it matches the hair falling here and then does that on the sides of the head as well, concealing the white part while adding volume and ensuring that that volume is going to stay up all day. Adding that little bit of volume helps everything look balanced in the extension.

5. Curl your hair with a clamp curling wand

You can quickly curl your hair with a clamp curling wand that will add some volume again and help blend your natural hair into your extension. So this is the next step in adding that volume to match the top of the hair that you worked on earlier.
Brush through the ends of your hair to blend extensions into your natural hair and create some additional volume on the bottom without adding any weight to it. You will see it looks nice and full at the bottom now, and you can see that there is no clip showing up here, evident and in the back. It all nicely covers, and if you want to bring your hair up again, stick a comb in and pull it up nice and gently. That way, you can add a little bit more volume if you want.
The finished look will be that your hair is nice and volumize on the bottom, and on the top, it really looks like this was your natural hair.

Best Types of Hair Extensions for Fine Hair

The first hair extension method we recommend is a Hand-tied weft hair extension that we would use on ladies who have thin or fine Hair: The invisible hand-tied hair extensions. Because these hair extensions are just single tracks, they aren't very thick, so if you're trying to create many volumes, you might want to go with maybe one or two rows of the invisible flat weft followed by some brainless weave hair extensions. You won't do a full head install of the hidden flat weft if you try to create many volumes.
The hand-tied extension is the most favorite hair extension for clients who have thin or fine hair because the weft of the hair extension is completely undetectable in your hair. You can be mindful of the size difference of the machine weft and hand-tied. The amount of hair you need to cover up the natural hair extensions is very small with hand-tied. Because the Hairlaya weft is so small, this allows you only to use a very tiny amount of your natural hair to put through, and it still remains secure.
The first method is the mini or half-cut tape-in hair extensions. You can get them installed using a standard size tape-in, and you can cut them in half, so it helps relieve some of the pullings on your natural hair, so nothing breaks off. Either cut them into two or cut them into three so that you can have very, very small hair extensions. It is not recommended that you have these excessively long because they are very, very fine. They can twist around on your hair and pull your hair out. So if your hair is about ten inches long, we wouldn't recommend that you have hair extensions longer than fourteen or sixteen inches. If someone has skinny fine hair, you do not want to have hair extensions that are too long, and I'm going to pull on their natural hair.
You can put in as many tape-ins as you want or just put in a few tape-ins to add a little bit of length to your thinner Hair, and they're so light that they don't pull down on your natural hair each west of the tape-ins is only about this big. It's only about an inch wide. So you're only getting a little bit of hair-pulling on your natural hair, so it won't cause damage, and this is really great too.
hairlaya tape-in hair extensions double drawn
Hairlaya Tape-in Hair Extensions-Full Cuticle & Double Drawn

I-tip hair extensions

The final hair extension method is I-tip hair extensions. We don't provide I-tip at Hairlaya, but maintenance on clients who have already had them installed is available. These hair extensions are actually one gram per strand, so the hair extension's weight is actually quite heavy, so we don't recommend that you have these in your hair for longer than six weeks if you have thin, fine or fragile hair. 
Although you can use a small amount of your hair to put the hair extension in, it still might be a little bit bulky for people who have gotten thin or fine hair when it comes to installing. We would recommend that you still leave a lot more hair left out at the front. Be sure to leave a generous amount of hair around the whole parameter and at your parting so that it's enough hair to cover up all of the strands.
You could read the other blog post-Best Hair Extensions for Thin / Fine Hair, which navigates you deeper into understanding different hair extension methods on thin/fine hair.
Simply put in your zipcode via our SalonLocator to find a Hairlaya Certified Stylist to get a hair consultation for your hair.
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