Do A Perfect Consultation for Your Hair Extension Clients


For a new extension client, it gets us, the professional stylists, so excited! Extensions of the top quality are Hairlaya's niche and specialty, and we love love love transforming women to gorgeousness, if not perfection. It is the absolute best thing to make women feel good and powerful and sexy and confident about themselves. 

Consultation is the first opportunity for you to have the clients hooked to getting their perfect hair extension. Giving them a good consultation will make your business boom. Genuinely feel happy that you will provide these women the ideal hair with professionalism and excellent consultation skills. 

Some common mishaps can happen when we don't perform a thorough consultation. The client leaves right away if you fail to give them proper advice. For example, giving them a price before knowing your client's budget scares them away with a high overall price. Or when the clients are with a big budget and give them a cheaper option, they are not happy, exactly where this article comes in.

So let's get started. Hairlaya will talk to you about the consultation process of hair extension and then walk you through that consultation. 

How to give your hair extension client a perfect consultation

Before the Consultation 

Get your checklist of things you need to go over.

Make sure that you meet the client's expectations the first time you talk. Use a consultation form that covers all of the critical questions that you need to ask your client about their general health and lifestyle to ensure that extensions will be a good fit for that client. 

So first things first. When you have a new extension client, if they inquire by texting you via social media or call, you can get your list ready to go over a ton of questions asking the clients. 

  1. Their hair history
  2. Their density of hair
  3. Their length of hair
  4. Their hair color and if they're happy with it
  5. What they want, what they are looking for, something similar or a significant change. 
  6. And then the most prominent part is with the application.
  7. Decide how much they will spend and give suggestions about the type and amount of hair extensions they need. It even goes over the pricing of a brand new hair extension installation and maintenance cost.

So once the clients get through those steps and are aware of your services' pricing, they decide to move forward and book an appointment. Then it checks all the boxes. Once a client agrees to everything that you discuss, and they give you all the insights about their hair, that's when you say, "You are set to get extensions my salon, and I'd love to know more about your hair."

You shall ask few photos of their hair to see the gap between their hair and the hair look they want 

Try not to get them to take a selfie but have others take the photos. It's easier to see an image of the client and their hair if someone else takes a picture, and you need to be able to judge from this photo the density, length, and color of their natural hair.

Ask the client to send you a picture of their goal like their inspiration, and it could be their desired color & length. In that way, you could understand your client more to see if it is a realistic expectation to get them to their goal of hair.

You will also know whether they want to change their hair color a bit and give advice accordingly.

Tip: usually have a new client send you a photo where they'll section up their hair about three fingers width above their ear and hold their hair up and take a picture, and you want to see the density of the side of their hair and then look at the hair per square inch that's on their head 

So once you get their hair goal, hair density, and texture, you could determine the hair usage accordingly.   

In- Conslulation 

During the consultation, the essential skill is to get your client exciting. 

Color matching: 

You would like to make sure that you use a couple of different colors on the swatch ring. Most of the time, whether to choose a couple of different shades to include to create a natural highlight and low-light look to the client's hair when all finished.    

It is much better if you could prepare some hair wefts of their desired hair color from the communication before the consultation. Clip these wefts to your client's head, make her feel the hair and color, which could forecast their final result. It is quite a way to get the excitement of your client going.  


Hold on talking about the price until at the very end of your consultation, if possible. Stress that your service and hair extension will only be better than others if at the same price. You can indicate that you get the exclusive service or discount at this very competitive pricing because your clients are lucky. 

It could vary the price of the hair extension from different situations. You can change your client a whole package, including the hair products, installation fee, coloring & styling fee, or you can price these items separately. You can get a deposit from your client to place the hair order and get the deal done.

Aftercare& Maintenance

Then, talk to the client about the aftercare of the extensions. Let your clients know the aftercare before they're ever installed instead of waiting until afterward, so they know what to expect.  

Finally, seal a date for the hair extension installation. 

Lastly, on the day of installation, make sure the extension is the client's dream hair.

The most important thing that you need to do is on the actual day of the installation when the client comes in, take the hair out of the package, and you will expect it before you install it, so look at it and make sure that it's the color you desired and that it's going to match the client so that they can look at it and make sure that it's going to be a good match, so you will take a couple of wefts or strands whatever you will be installing and take a clip, put it into the hair and then drop their own hair over the top of it.

This way, they can visually see, and you can visually see the color match. It's a great way to make sure that it will fit before installing the entire full head. 

Check the following clip to see how our educator Karri matches the color and get her client exciting:   

So the next time you have a client come in for a consultation, go ahead and try some of these ideas and see if it helps your consultation and your service go a little bit smoother. 

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