Wearing hair extensions makes you look glamorous. You will be oozing with confidence. But you need to pay attention to the possibility that if you do not pay attention when you finally remove the hair extensions, you might be disappointed finding your hair not stunning as before. We would never want that in the world. How to avoid this outcome? It is equally crucial to natural hair beneath the extensions just the same way you care for the extensions.
To find out more about how-tos, check out this article and be a hair goddess:

Get ready before installing the extensions.

Massage and nourish your scalp
It is always a good idea to prepare your hair and scalp on the first instance before adding the extensions. First, you need to break from chemicals, dyes, and curl relaxers as they can weaken the hair and cause breakage.
Massage your scalp gently three times a day with fingers or a short bristled comb, which will revitalize it and make your scalp and hair super healthy.
Ensure that your hair is clean, properly conditioned, and clear of any dead skin cell buildup. If you don't remove impurities from your hair before extensions are added, chances of dryness, itching, and flaking may be felt after extensions are added. Thus preparing a proper base for wearing hair extensions is a must. 
If you have dry and flaky scalps, find a highly rated treatment product containing coconut oil, tea tree oil, or aloe vera and keep using it for a certain period (at least three weeks). This way can be applied directly on the scalp by using an applicator bottle with a nozzle tip. Other great hair products that you can use include jojoba or grape-seed oil. These can be left on the hair for at least 15 minutes than can be rinsed thoroughly with clean water. They can then wash the hair once again with shampoo and conditioner. This hair cleaning process should rejuvenate your scalp and make your hair clean and ready for extensions to be applied.

Pay a little extra attention after having the hair extension installed. 

Clean your hair with a quality shampoo
It is advisable to shampoo your hair regularly, even while you are wearing hair extensions or weaves. If you want to achieve the desired results, it is best to direct the shampoo onto the scalp. You will need to gently massage the shampoo on the scalp as you slowly work the shampoo down on the hair weave. As you wash your hair, try to keep your extension hair as straight as possible to prevent any chance of matting or tangling.
Clean your hair with a quality shampoo
Moisturize and condition your hair, but only with a moderate amount
Never forget about your hair below the extension and moisturize and condition it as you do for the extension hair.
The first thing to put on is a leave-in detangler or conditioner, which helps release any tangles or knots that you might have. Plus, it also coats the hair and keeps it nice and moisturized. The next thing to do is use an oil or a serum mid through the ends; this can go on your hair and the extension hair.
Moisturize and condition your hair
For your own hair, you can use some leave-in repair cream. If you would like, you can also have the right vitamins and supplements for your hair. Giving your natural hair the right vitamins and supplements often bring about robust growth, and thus, you get strong and healthy hair.
A tip on this one: you don't want to over repair your extension hair because what happens is if you always put on a protein-based treatment, it'll start to get a little crispy, and it'll have the opposite effect that you want, and it's going to make that extension hair break off. For any leave-in repair protein system, be careful about how often you put this on your actual extensions, but your hair may need it as well, so separate out your hair put that on, and then make sure as a whole your extensions are getting.,
When drying the hair after finished washing
If you try blow-dry hair when you get a shower, you're going to be standing there and putting heat on your hair for a long, long time. So let it air dry a bit first: the less heat, the better.
Brush your extensions with a good detangling brush like a tangle teaser. It's super soft on your hair as well as your wefts. The thing you need to remember when you're wearing beaded rose, or more importantly, you need to brush in between the rows of the extensions, so make sure you separate that; otherwise, you can get matting. You can get anything like that going on in between the rows, making sure you disconnect and brush.
Dry cleaning can be an option to lessen the washing frequency
If you find it uncomfortable washing your hair in between the weaves, you can still clean your scalp without water. You can do this using baby wipes by gently rubbing on your scalp to remove the grease and dust accumulated there. You can also use cotton pads and dip them in warm water, then squeeze dry. 
Never wear your extensions too tight.
The one thing that most women with hair extensions usually get wrong is worried that it might fall out so that they wear hair extensions that are too tight. When the hair extensions are too tight, lots of tension is put on the hair follicles, and this can make your hair fall out easily. What makes things worse is that hair extension that is too tight can even cause permanent hair loss on the wearer's head. For this, always ask your hairstylist to make the extensions feel comfortable for you during application.

Follow your hairstylist's hair care advice.

The natural hair you have beneath the hair extension keeps growing after you have the extensions installed. It keeps growing a half to one inch under the weave each month. For this, you need to heed professional advice and take proper actions in different phases after installing the extensions. When it is time to remove the extension, always ensure that you visit your hairstylist in time to have the extension removed to allow proper growth and development to your natural hair. The most general removal or move-up timeline for most hair extensions is usually between six to eight weeks. Please don't keep the hair extensions on your head for too long once they have outlived their recommended expiry date.

Last but not least: Keep the extension hair well-maintained

When you take extra care of your very own natural hair, don't forget to care for your extension hair as well. You will need to keep the extension hair clean by washing it well. Apart from cleaning the extensions, you will also have to brush them regularly. It helps to prevent the hair from getting entangled.
When you are going to bed, you may have to secure the extension hair and don't pull it out when rolling on the pillow. If it is a natural hair extension that you are wearing, you can treat it very much like you would treat your natural hair. Just ensure that you steer clear of using heavy products on the extension or even exposing it to lots of heat.
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