Part of the beauty of hair extensions is their versatility. It is especially true when coloring your extensions allows you to get the exact look you've always wanted. Best of all, you can color your extensions without causing any damage to your natural hair. 

Extensions allow you to try more colors and experimentations to find what color you love. However, before you start dyeing away, you should know a few color rules to experience optimal results. 

I know, I know, nobody wants to hear about the rules! But these aren't designed to limit you; they are here to help you get the most out of extensions and enjoy the beautiful results you love. But, of course, you can still get what you want; you must know a few things in advance. 

7 Hair Extension Color Rules You Need To Know-2

1. Do Not Lighten Or Bleach Extensions 

When people think of changing their hair, they often think of lightening it. This is not the case with hair extensions, as bleaching can decrease the quality and destroy the integrity of the extensions. You do not want to ruin your extensions, so you should only darken them. You need a lighter extension if you wish to have more golden hair. 

2. Test On A Small Section First 

You do not want to color your full extension to find out you don't like it, so it is best to test the color on a small strand. This is also useful because extensions color differently than natural hair, so this will give you a better idea of what to expect. 

3. Only Use Professional Colors

You want to use high-quality, professional-grade colors for the best results. In addition, you should use semi or Demi-permanent color to help the hair retain its health and shine. 

4. Follow The Cuticle Direction When Brushing On Color

Work with your extensions by brushing the color in the same direction as the hair cuticles. Brush the hair downwards to prevent matting and tangling and receive the best coloring results. 

5. Color Your Extensions Before Installing Them 

One of the biggest mistakes is coloring extensions after they are on! Color the extensions before installing them so the bonds are not compromised, and you do not cause slippage. Coloring the extensions before you install them is also more accessible and more hair friendly. 

6. Wash Extensions With Sulfate Free Shampoo

Extensions come with a silky coating that needs to be removed before coloring. The sulfate-free shampoo will remove this coating so the extensions can absorb and retain the color properly. 

7. Flip And Color Both Sides Of The Extensions 

Ensure you target all extensions by flipping them over and applying the color to both sides. You want the color to be even and uniform throughout the entire extension. 

Color Your Extensions With Peace Of Mind 

Now you know the essential rules for coloring your hair extensions. They are simple, convenient, and easy while helping you achieve stunning results. Now is the time to get the color you want and try out the shade you've always wanted. Feel free to reach out or check out our blog for more information if you have any questions. Then, go directly to your stylist for personalized care and solutions. 

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